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Marketing with Chatroulette

8 April 2010 | Alex Christie

One of the hottest new online destinations is Chatroulette, a website which randomly connects users with other visitors for a random video chatting experience. Chatroulette is largely uncensored and while there’s an age requirement of [...]

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Facebook’s Latest Statistics

7 April 2010 | Alex Christie

Facebook recently released some statistics about their social networking platform, and some of the numbers released paint a very vivid picture of how influential the site is. It is no longer just another website, but [...]

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The iPad Question

6 April 2010 | Alex Christie

This past weekend Apple’s latest creation, the “magical and revolutionary” iPad was released in the United States. The initial sales numbers seem promising- more than 300,000 have been sold on the first day, along with [...]

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Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat

6 April 2010 | Milly Diaz

I am quite a nut about protecting my privacy on the ‘internets’ but boy do I love ‘playing’ Foursquare and Gowalla (yes, I am active on both). I finally read something this weekend that helped [...]

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Tamar announce the ‘iHOB’ – latest innovation in iPhone app technology

1 April 2010 | Henry Elliss

Have you ever been sat using your mobile phone, perhaps listening to a REALLY long conference call, and noticed how your ear gets really warm? Me too – but far from worrying about this, our [...]

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Foursquare’s Whoops!: We’ve Seen it Before and We’ll Probably See it Again

29 March 2010 | Milly Diaz

On Friday, Foursquare found itself red in the face when it was revealed that the company forgot to renew its domain name ownership.  People who tried to access on Friday and Saturday were re-directed [...]

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Innovation is NOT Dead

25 March 2010 | Alex Christie

Twitter. Facebook. Digg. Gowalla. Flickr. Buzz… There’s an ever-growing list of platforms which businesses can tap into and create a profitable online social media presence. Many companies have already jumped on these opportunities, building creative [...]

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Twenty iPhone applications we really love

23 March 2010 | Henry Elliss

As a recent convert to the world of iPhone loveliness, I have found myself spending a lot of time reviewing and playing with iPhone applications. Being a bit of a social media nerd, I’m doubly [...]

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Microsoft previews IE9 at Mix10

23 March 2010 | Alex Christie

The long awaited ‘first peak’ into Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) was given to developers at the annual MIX event hosted by Microsoft in Las Vegas, USA. MIX is a conference for web designers and developers [...]

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The Oldies Got the Teens Wrong Again

22 March 2010 | Milly Diaz

UK teens are getting a much-needed lesson in privacy through a language they understand – gaming. As some of you know via my previous blog posts, I think a lot of ‘kids’ these days fail [...]