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What are governments requesting from Google?

21 April 2010 | Alex Christie

Google has launched a new tool that shows the number of requests “each nation’s government has made for users’ personal information or for the removal of URLs from Google’s search index”. So in a nutshell, [...]

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Facebook gets even more connected

20 April 2010 | Annie Wakefield

Facebook is about making connections. And as Facebook has evolved over the years, these connections have extended beyond the realm of people you know, to include organisations, interests and more. Pages and groups are two [...]

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UK Search Spend Up 21% from Last Year

20 April 2010 | Alex Christie

A recent Q1 2010 report by UK Agency Efficient frontier has released their search engine performance report detailing a 21% rise in search spend. Google CFO Patrick Pichette has attributed that part of the reason [...]

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Twitter adds ads, but not as we had expected…

14 April 2010 | Henry Elliss

The savvy-thinkers over at Twitter finally made a much-anticipated announcement this week – that they’re finally ready to allow advertising on their website. Industry pundits have been speculating for over a year now on how [...]

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Improving internet security – it’s about time

14 April 2010 | Alex Christie

By way of simple explanation, every website has an IP (internet protocol) address and if you were to type an IP address into your web browser’s address bar then you would be directed to that [...]

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Google buys UK visual search engine

13 April 2010 | Alex Christie

Google announced this week that the search engine plans to buy the UK based visual search engine company called PlinkArt, making it the first UK based company to be acquired by Google. PlinkArt is just [...]

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7 more Facebook tips you may not know

12 April 2010 | Henry Elliss

A couple of years ago I wrote a post on this blog called “9 Facebook Tips That You Might Not Know” – a reasonably in-depth but by no-means exhaustive list of some useful how-to’s for [...]

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It’s official: The speed of your site affects your rankings

12 April 2010 | Alex Christie

Late last year there was a lot of talk about the speed of a site helping toward rankings. Google has recently added ‘site speed’ into their search ranking algorithms, and officially announced that speed is [...]

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Facebook panic button meeting with CEOP in Washington

12 April 2010 | Alex Christie

Facebook executives are set to meet with the head of a British child protection agency in Washington, to discuss the safety of the younger members of the social networking site. Facebook has come under fire [...]

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Exciting ways to charge your gadgets

9 April 2010 | Alex Christie

I like gadgets, but owning lots of gadgets often means also owning lots of mains chargers too. This has become an issue in recent years for many people like me.  The issues are: 1. It’s [...]