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Google snubs Microsoft Windows from within

2 June 2010 | Alex Christie

Under the guise of security deficiencies, Google is reported to have axed Microsoft Windows from all it operational desktop PCs since the beginning of January this year. Google employees are forced to use either Apple [...]

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Tips to save money using iPhone overseas

1 June 2010 | Alex Christie

I recently took an Iphone 3GS to Paris.  Before going to the ‘City of Light’, I decided to check the mobile tariff for internet usage, and I was surprised to learn that the mobile network [...]

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Chewing on Apple: Has Jobs killed Flash?

28 May 2010 | Alex Christie

My perception of Apple is that of the good guy with Microsoft being the bad guy – PCs get viruses Macs don’t. The Apple brand always maintains an air of Californian free spirit, born out [...]

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Facebook bows (a little bit) to critics, makes privacy settings easier to use

27 May 2010 | Milly Diaz

As expected (the BBC revealed first thing Tuesday morning the announcement was coming), yesterday afternoon Mark Zuckerberg rolled out Facebook’s one-stop shop for privacy settings in response to growing user concerns. Zuckerberg stated during the [...]

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Google fuels battle with Apple with new product launches

26 May 2010 | Alex Christie

Google has always been known for acquiring small start ups and integrating them into the bigger Google picture and further extending the giant reach that the company already enjoys. Google has, for a while, been [...]

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Twitter sorting out search, Google loving Twitter…

26 May 2010 | Henry Elliss

There have been a couple of developments in the world of Twitter recently which I thought would be worth documenting here on the blog – both have links to search too, making them doubly relevant [...]

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Joined-up engagement missing along the UK online election trail

25 May 2010 | Tanya Goodin

Now that the election dust has settled, I thought it would be useful to look back over our Political Search Index (PSI) series that we launched last October. The four white papers were certainly a [...]

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My first holiday with the iPhone

20 May 2010 | Milly Diaz

I moved to London about a year ago from California and up until I had an iPhone, I wouldn’t leave home without the chunky, heavy London A-Z guide in my handbag. iPhone apps like Maps [...]

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May 31 2010 – Quit Facebook Day?

17 May 2010 | Alex Christie

Matthew Milan and Joseph Dee are tired of Facebook and are taking a stand. What are they taking a stand about you might wonder? Simple. Privacy, and the lack of it that Facebook is showing [...]

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Happy Birthday to YouTube

17 May 2010 | Alex Christie

Five years ago the YouTube founders launched the first beta version of  What started as a very simple space to ‘broadcast yourself’ has turned into an exciting community of users, far exceeding the founders [...]