2 November 2012

Facebook Trial New Timeline Format

Facebook evidently likes to try and keep things looking fresh! Although the original timeline format was met with mixed reactions, marketers in general seemed to *like* the new format. Facebook is mixing it up, again, and testing a new format. The new format sees all the posts in a single column, on the left, and then activity modules in a …

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1 November 2012

Online vs. Bricks and Mortar Shopping

New research from Tealeaf has shown that consumers are more likely than ever before to choose the ease of online shopping, over bricks and mortar stores. Out of 2,071 adults, 83% choose to use online shopping to make purchases. Among the 34-44 age group, 85% prefer e-commerce. The  report looked at devices consumers use when researching and purchasing travel, retail, banking and …

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29 October 2012

Tamar’s Apps to Tap | Sleep Cycle App

Now that the clocks have gone back, and the nights are getting darker – let’s face it – we’re all getting sleepier. This dull autumnal weather and coldness in the mornings makes us want to hibernate as getting out of bed becomes more and more of a challenge.We wanted to be able to wake up feeling relaxed, rested and ready …

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26 October 2012

A year on…my life at Tamar!

For those of you that aren’t privileged enough to know who I am…I’m Oliphant, but everyone calls me Oli. If we haven’t met, you might have heard of me on Twitter or seen me on Instagram…I’m the CEO at Tamar…Well okay I’m not CEO yet, but it’s going to happen, I’m young, I’ve got time. My Mum is Helen Booth and I’ve been here …

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24 October 2012

Tamar and our CEO are placed at the heart of social media London community, according to new map

It’s official – Tamar and our CEO Tanya Goodin are right at the centre of the social media community in London, as depicted on GigaPan’s social media London map, which shows visually the connections between the top 1,000 social media companies and experts in London. Our CEO Tanya Goodin is at the heart of the map, right under Stephen Fry …

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24 October 2012

The tablet market just got a bit smaller…

Yesterday, just a mere 41 days after announcing the iPhone 5, Apple unveiled the next generation of their iPad – the iPad mini. The tablet market is currently booming as print publishers are increasingly developing content for that format; it was revealed last week that both The Guardian and Observer are ‘seriously discussing’ ending their print editions and Newsweek confirmed …

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23 October 2012

‘Like’ and ‘Star’, being tested on Twitter instead of ‘Favourite’!

Since very early on in the introduction of Twitter, the ‘Favourite’ button has been available to users. The popular ‘Favourite’ feature has been used on Twitter billions of times. This May, tweets were redesigned to make ‘Favourite’ more prominent. Although Twitter have yet to confirm this is an official testing routine, a number of users have seen the ‘Star’ and …

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22 October 2012

Online sales experience fastest growth for over a year!

Reports released today show that online sales have experienced the biggest increase for over a year. New figures just out, from IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales show: £6.4bn was spent online by UK Shoppers in September 16% more than at the same time last year and 11% more than August. This news has led IMRG and Capgemini to raise their forecast for the year to 14% from 13%. The …

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19 October 2012

Google shares suspended after profit results sent out early…

Last night, Google shares were suspended after an accidental email to the US stock market revealed that Google’s quarterly results were far below Wall Streets’ demanding expectations. This left the company with no choice but to suspend trading. The financial release, which was sent out, began with the words ‘Pending Larry’s Quote’- Larry, being Google’s chief executive, Larry Page ,who …

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17 October 2012

Google ‘Disavow’ tool aims to end the perils of bad links

In a move which was almost inevitable after recent changes to the way Google treat ‘bad’ links, the search giant have now launched a new tool to allow webmasters to effectively ignore potentially bad links. In an announcement made by their “king of spam” Matt Cutts, Google launched the ‘Disavow’ tool alongside a blog post which explains how to use …

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