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Finding your way through the attribution maze!

8 August 2011 | Alex Christie

There’s a lot of talk online about attribution modelling, the why’s, the wherefores and whether online brands should even bother invest in one. You’ve almost certainly given it some thought over the last year. However, [...]

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You’re so vain, I bet you think this metric is about you…

3 August 2011 | Tanya Goodin

Something is really puzzling me. We’re bang slap in the middle of in an economic recession (aka ‘an economy moving at a snail’s pace’) so you’d think all brands would be biting agencies’ hands off [...]

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What to look forward to in iOS5

2 August 2011 | Liz Morray

As a nerdy developer type I’ve been using the dev beta of iOS5 since Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in June. As we’re getting nearer to the full release in the Autumn I thought I’d [...]

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Never trust a skinny chef. Or… You can’t work in digital if you only exist offline

1 August 2011 | Henry Elliss

Working in digital marketing is an exciting world. Not only do you get to work on a huge range of exciting campaigns with a wealth of interesting clients, your tool-kit is constantly changing. The tools [...]

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One year to go… but who is winning the Olympic SEO race?

27 July 2011 | Annie Wakefield

With the Olympics only one year away it seems that most of our official worldwide partners, official partners, official supporters, and official suppliers and provides are yet to get their SEO hats on! Such a [...]

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Have the IOC changed their mind on social media for 2012?

27 July 2011 | Henry Elliss

Recently I gave a talk at a Tamar client event on the subject of the 2012 Olympics, and specifically how it will affect advertisers and non-sponsors during the period of the Games. One of the [...]

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London 2012: it’s time for your best ‘Games Plan’

27 July 2011 | Tanya Goodin

It’s a year today ‘till the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics when London will take centre stage and the world spotlight will be firmly focused on the UK. If you doubt the heat of [...]

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Why I’ve not fallen in love with Google+ quite yet….

11 July 2011 | Henry Elliss

Unless you’re an avid Twitter user, or one of the “early adopters” who either received a beta invite or have been invited by a friend, you may not have had the chance to try out [...]

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Inside Google +

1 July 2011 | Annie Wakefield

Google’s new social network “Google +” launched on Tuesday, and I was fortunate to receive an invite. Thought leaders in the digital space are disenchanted with Facebook (advertising, monitoring your every digital move, bells & [...]

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Google Plus

30 June 2011 | Annie Wakefield

A while back I blogged about Goggle’s newest foray into Social Media with the Google +1, now it seems Google have taken another step at cracking social media and Facebook with the release of Google [...]