8 March 2013

TouchScore – why do we need effective social measurement?

Last week we introduced you to TouchScore, Tamar’s holistic social measurement tool. I explained some of the major benefits of a tool like TouchScore to your business, as well as giving you a bit of insight in to how the tool works. But why is effective social measurement so important in the first place? Let me take you through a …

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27 February 2013

The Power of YouTube as a Search Engine

The power and influence of YouTube as a search engine is on the increase and is definitely something to keep an eye on this year. Looking back at our Brand Love 25 campaign, YouTube saw the largest overall community growth with an overwhelming 213% increase. But what does this mean for SEO? As we know, content is essential in generating …

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22 February 2013

First ever live Tweet of a C-section…

This week, an article from @Mashable really caught our attention in the Tamar office. We  always like to stay up to date with the latest events being covered on Twitter. This event was no different, and perhaps one of the most personal momentous things we’ve seen on a live Twitter stream, ever! In case you haven’t heard, this week a Houston’s Memorial Hermann hospital have …

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18 February 2013

TWIST- The Week In Search/Social from Tamar 11th-15th February 2013

We’ve published two blogs in the last week. If you didn’t get a chance to read them when they first went live, you can take a look at them now: 1.       Britain’s Digital Brands show dramatic annual growth in their social communities on Valentine’s Day:  Our 3rd annual #BrandLove25. Our ongoing project to measure the ‘love’ shown in social media communities for Britain’s leading digital brands. …

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15 February 2013

Twitter to start valuing your tweets – how will yours fair?

In an announcement this week, targeted at their Developer community, Twitter have launched a new attribute to their API which ranks/values individual tweets based on their effectiveness. Before you switch off and say “Twitter have API’d what to their Whosit now?”, let me clarify – whilst this is currently a “behind the scenes” change which will only be visible to …

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13 February 2013

Britain’s Digital Brands show dramatic annual growth in their social communities on Valentine’s Day

Today on Valentine’s Day Tamar is launching our 3rd annual edition of BrandLove25. Our ongoing project to measure the ‘love’ shown in their social media communities for Britain’s leading digital brands. In 2013 the analysis looks specifically at year-on-year social community growth. In this harsh economic climate we reasoned that those brands who had grown their social communities dramatically since …

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8 February 2013

Get Valentines sorted… with the help of your smart phone!

Well it’s the 8th February everyone, less than a week till Valentine’s day, so I’ve been having a browse for the best apps for the occasion. For those of you chaps who have a lovely lady to impress there’s the toptable app. Useful everyday but invaluable at this time of year. Your future happiness (at least for the rest of …

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