12 March 2007

Just where is the Internet heading?

n a new and groundbreaking report search analyst Pippa Jaffray has attempted to untangle the web of confusion that surrounds the future of the Internet as a mass medium. Here are the main points raised: • The user revolution The historically passive consumer is changing rapidly, not only becoming more confident about purchase decisions but also increasingly taking control over …

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9 March 2007

Personalised Search

Google is very much into gathering information on user behaviour via the ever more ubiquitous Google Toolbar or by recording online-actions of those who are signed into their Google accounts. This information is now being used to personalise the search results. The question on everyone’s mind is how this will impact on SEO. In a recent interview Google’s Matt Cutts …

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8 March 2007

Buyers and information seekers vary when interpreting SERPS

A market survey released by Search Media bureau CheckIt and De Vos & Jansen Market Research has proven that buyers read search engine results differently than those seeking information. The survey is based on a study sample of 50 respondents who viewed results on search engines such as Google, MSN, European Lycos, and the Dutch search sites Ilse, and Kobala. …

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7 March 2007

Yahoo supports New NOYDIR Meta tags

Results on Yahoo! are jumping around to this week with re-indexing of web pages to support to the NOYDIR in the USA, Japan and Korea, and on to the UK soon. Andrea says: ‘This is a welcome move from the Yahoo! engineers. They have responded to the pleas of webmasters frustrated with having outdated URL titles and descriptions from the …

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6 March 2007

Yahoo! Launched Yahoo! Suggestion Boards

Yahoo! has recently announced the launch of its own digg – like service, Yahoo! Suggestion Boards. This service allows you to post comments and vote for them in a manner similar to Digg.com. However, this new service has been met by the complaints of digg users as it is accused of being too similar to the site. There are suggestions …

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5 March 2007

Google UK’s 2nd biggest Advertising Earner

Google’s UK advertising revenue has risen by 83 per cent to £825 million over the last year making them the second biggest advertising earner after ITV estimated at £1.47 billion. To give you a flavour of just how big search marketing is in the UK Google has now leapt into second place for revenue earnings from advertising with their revenues …

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5 March 2007

Search Personalisation

Search Personalisation is coming and it’s closer than you think! Personalisation is gaining more and more attention. Understanding what Google in particular is trying to do for their users helps us to figure out what is required for the sites we manage. If Personalisation takes off in the manner in which Google seem to think it will the impact will …

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2 March 2007

‘Industry leaders’ losing the Google race

There have been some alarming statistics doing the rounds in some SEO circles regarding the giant FTSE 100 companies and their almost non-existent web presence. It is startling to learn that less than a quarter of the premier brands and high street retailers in the UK appear on the first page of results for their primary keywords. With an estimated …

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1 March 2007

Security and Trust

While accessibility and usability are key to conversion, gaining the confidence of your customers is something that should not be forgotten either: SSL Certificates and VeriSign Secured Seals can help gain the trust and confidence of your customers/users, and this in turn will help maximise the conversion rate. While having certificates and security seals is important, it must be remembered …

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28 February 2007

User generated content reigns supreme:

With 5 out of the top 10 fastest growing web brands being based around user generated content on sites such as YouTube and Myspace, it’s evident that users are really starting to embrace this new phenomenon. More and more people base their purchasing decisions on comments and observations found on user review portals such as the Review Centre and Ciao. …

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