21 March 2007

Being a sustainable business

As well as our fantastic CSR project, this year we are also working to make Tamar a socially responsible organisation in an environemental sense. The whole green issue seems to be the major buzz subject of 2007, and whilst we are aiming to work on sustainable goals for our future, we also recognise that all the major issues of the …

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16 March 2007

Project criteria

Social responsibility is extremely important to me on a personal and corporate level. This year we’re doing our first large-scale CSR project. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for many years and I feel very lucky that we’re now at the stage where we can spend time and money on this. Obviously we operate in two locations globally, so we …

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16 March 2007

Project selection

The shortlist comprised of 3 schools in townships in Cape Town. On February 12th, Myles, Nicky (from our Cape Town office) and I spent the day looking around the 3 schools in townships in Cape Town. Here’s a bit of background information on our visit to each of them: Vuyani Pre-Primary School – Guguletu Vuyani is right in the middle …

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15 March 2007

Will Social Media Optimization be the new way to go?

By now many online marketers are wondering what SMO (Social Media Optimization) needs to conquer for it to become the number1 marketing strategy! Although SMO is but only an infant, already a set of laws and concepts are taking shape. SEO have been around for just over a decade, yet most corporations have not yet been introduced to SEO and …

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14 March 2007

Google to sell Domain Names

Google announced on Friday that it has joined the website registry business. Google has teamed up with well known registry firms GoDaddy.com and eNom, to create an application that allows people to lay claim on their very own “.com,” “.net,” “.biz” and “.info.” domain suffixes. Such a registry will only cost the buyer $10 annually. The benefit of registering with …

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13 March 2007

Google, Yahoo continue to grow, while MSN struggles.

According to the latest Nielsen/Netratings data, Google as well as Yahoo showed significant growth over the last month. This news comes after the seemingly poor performances of MSN, AOL and ASK. According to the collected data, of the 7 billion searches conducted online in February, Google managed to snag up more than 50% while Yahoo managed just over 25% of …

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12 March 2007

Just where is the Internet heading?

n a new and groundbreaking report search analyst Pippa Jaffray has attempted to untangle the web of confusion that surrounds the future of the Internet as a mass medium. Here are the main points raised: • The user revolution The historically passive consumer is changing rapidly, not only becoming more confident about purchase decisions but also increasingly taking control over …

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9 March 2007

Personalised Search

Google is very much into gathering information on user behaviour via the ever more ubiquitous Google Toolbar or by recording online-actions of those who are signed into their Google accounts. This information is now being used to personalise the search results. The question on everyone’s mind is how this will impact on SEO. In a recent interview Google’s Matt Cutts …

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8 March 2007

Buyers and information seekers vary when interpreting SERPS

A market survey released by Search Media bureau CheckIt and De Vos & Jansen Market Research has proven that buyers read search engine results differently than those seeking information. The survey is based on a study sample of 50 respondents who viewed results on search engines such as Google, MSN, European Lycos, and the Dutch search sites Ilse, and Kobala. …

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7 March 2007

Yahoo supports New NOYDIR Meta tags

Results on Yahoo! are jumping around to this week with re-indexing of web pages to support to the NOYDIR in the USA, Japan and Korea, and on to the UK soon. Andrea says: ‘This is a welcome move from the Yahoo! engineers. They have responded to the pleas of webmasters frustrated with having outdated URL titles and descriptions from the …

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