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The tablet market just got a bit smaller…

24 October 2012 | Tanya Goodin

Yesterday, just a mere 41 days after announcing the iPhone 5, Apple unveiled the next generation of their iPad – the iPad mini. The tablet market is currently booming as print publishers are increasingly developing [...]

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‘Like’ and ‘Star’, being tested on Twitter instead of ‘Favourite’!

23 October 2012 | Lily Shanahan

Since very early on in the introduction of Twitter, the ‘Favourite’ button has been available to users. The popular ‘Favourite’ feature has been used on Twitter billions of times. This May, tweets were redesigned to [...]

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Online sales experience fastest growth for over a year!

22 October 2012 | Lily Shanahan

Reports released today show that online sales have experienced the biggest increase for over a year. New figures just out, from IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales show: £6.4bn was spent online by UK Shoppers in September 16% more than at [...]

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Google shares suspended after profit results sent out early…

19 October 2012 | Lily Shanahan

Last night, Google shares were suspended after an accidental email to the US stock market revealed that Google’s quarterly results were far below Wall Streets’ demanding expectations. This left the company with no choice but [...]

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Google ‘Disavow’ tool aims to end the perils of bad links

17 October 2012 | Henry Elliss

In a move which was almost inevitable after recent changes to the way Google treat ‘bad’ links, the search giant have now launched a new tool to allow webmasters to effectively ignore potentially bad links. [...]

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The EU calls for Google privacy changes, amid concerns over personal data collection

16 October 2012 | Lily Shanahan

In a move which may pave the way for a raft of privacy complaints, the EU has called for Google to change the way it collects personal data to allay user privacy concerns. Google is [...]

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8 million concurrent YouTube views for the man who jumped out of space

15 October 2012 | Lily Shanahan

If you thought you had a hectic weekend, think again! Yesterday, Felix Baumgartner of Austria, became the first man to the break sound barrier and shatter all records by doing a free-fall jump from the [...]

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Marketeers Take Heed! Google Update Their Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

4 October 2012 | Aqil Rouf

  Earlier this week, Google announced that they had updated their Webmaster Quality Guidelines (or SEO Bible, as it is colloquially known). While their core message, “focus on the user”, remains unchanged, the overseers of [...]

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#SMWGOLD this time last week…

3 October 2012 | Tanya Goodin

…we struck gold at our fantastic Social Media Week panel event – ‘Did London 2012 Win Social Olympics Gold?’ If you weren’t able to join us up in Skyloft in the Millbank Tower and sadly missed out [...]

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#SMWGOLD Tamar’s Olympics event for Social Media Week London wins Gold.

27 September 2012 | Tanya Goodin

I’m pleased to say our event for Social Media Week ‘Did London 2012 Win Social Olympics Gold?’, which took place yesterday at Skyloft London was a huge success. I was lucky enough to sit on [...]