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Google experiments with their search results page, again!

4 December 2007 | Annie Wakefield

New experiment lets users choose results they want to see. There is yet another new search experiment at the Google labs and it will enable users to personalise their searches by influencing the order of [...]

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Yahoo! announces search trends of 2007

3 December 2007 | Annie Wakefield

Top trends of 2007 were published today Yahoo! has announced their top search trends of 2007 with some interesting but not unexpected results. Here is a brief run down of our 3 favourites and you [...]

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How Powerful can Facebook Groups be?

3 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

The MoveOn group which was set up to protest Facebook’s beacon system has now reached 65,000 members and continues to grow – and a lot of the members are taking the credit for Facebook changing [...]

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Matt Cutts On Selling Links

3 December 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Examples of why paid posts are not such a good idea! Matt Cutts has posted an interesting observation and examples of why paid for posts on blogs are not such a good idea. It’s a [...]

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Facebook Indexed

3 December 2007 | Alex Christie

Facebook is slowly making aspects of their massive reams of data searchable and indexable. Firstly they offered the option to make public profiles and groups and at the moment there are only 800,000 pages and [...]

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Google under investigation?

3 December 2007 | Annie Wakefield

How did Google become the international corporation that it is today? Has Google grown to proportions out of their own control and too big for us to comprehend?  Well, the search giant is under simultaneous [...]

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Big Changes to Facebook Beacon

30 November 2007 | Henry Elliss

Well, it looks like people-power has forced Facebook to change their new Beacon system from being Opt-out by default to now being an explicit opt-in instead. Several sites and groups have sprung up in the [...]

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Fun Friday Bar Tricks

30 November 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Going out this weekend? If so then amaze your friends with some good old fashioned bar tricks. The one featured here is how to get the matchstick to move without touching it… Hey, now that’s [...]

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Join Google in their experiments!

29 November 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Ever wondered what was coming up next? We all know Google likes to experiment with different layouts and results pages. Sometimes we can see them trying things out on their ‘live’ results but this can [...]

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Facebook Loses Half a Million US Members In Week

29 November 2007 | Henry Elliss

For the past couple of weeks – since Facebook’s new Social Ads system has been rolled out – I’ve been keeping a close eye on the number of Facebook users in their Top 10 countries. [...]