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Search engine market in China

7 December 2007 | Alex Christie

According to the iResearch 2006 China Online Search Annual Report, there were 126 million people in China using search engines in 2006, this is a 29% increase on 2005 figures.  However, Google does not dominate [...]

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Quick Roundup of Search News

7 December 2007 | Tanya Goodin

General Snippets From Various Sources It’s been a busy week this week so here is a very quick summary of some news items we have not posted on in detail. Matt Cutts has commented on [...]

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Flickr Finally Launches Picnik

6 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

The Flickr Blog today announced the launch of the long-awaited new Photo Editing feature in partnership with the experienced photo-wizards at Picnik. For those of you that haven’t visited Picnik before, it’s a great piece [...]

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Why do we search on Google?

6 December 2007 | Alex Christie

One of the questions that I like to ask my clients when I start my presentation on “what is SEO” is: Why did people start to use Google? Do you remember? 1999 – Google claimed [...]

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Facebook Apologises – Can We MoveOn Now?

6 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

So Facebook founder and all round publicity-magnet (at the moment at least) Mark Zuckerberg has apologised for the recent Beacon "mistake" on the Facebook blog. Ironically the post seems to have become a bit buried [...]

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Google walking on air?

6 December 2007 | Annie Wakefield

Will they achieve their goal of establishing a nationwide wireless network? Google simply cannot stop expanding and in an announcement from the search engine, it said that it is currently in the race to secure [...]

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A time for giving

5 December 2007 | Alex Christie

Christmas is just around the corner and online shopping records continue to soar.  It’s the time for giving and the spirit of Christmas inspires us to give something, particularly to those who need it most. [...]

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Public relations and SEO really can help each other.

5 December 2007 | Annie Wakefield

How these to mediums can compliment each other. Online public relations and SEO are natural bed fellows and it always amazes me at the resistance we get from some PR teams when we suggest that [...]

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MySpace Transmissions – Confusing!

4 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

MySpace appear to have soft-launched their new "Transmissions" service (profile?) today, with James Blunt’s face splashed all over the page. It’s not entirely clear what the service does (or indeed what any of those sliders [...]

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Online marketing set to overtake magazines by 2010

4 December 2007 | Annie Wakefield

New report predicts the extent of global online marketing growth A marketing report out suggests that by 2010 online marketing spend will overtake magazine marketing. This will make it the third largest advertising medium in [...]