16 March 2015

What can #YourMum teach us? A lot apparently

Last week Penguin Books launched a Twitter campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day. They decided to ask users to tweet them to provide book suggestions for their mothers. To the internet’s amusement they used the hashtag #YourMum. For the next hour (and every lunchtime this week), tweet us using #YourMum & we’ll endeavour to provide gift (where gift = book) advice. …

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13 March 2015

Wearable tech: Is the Apple Watch a game-changer?

We predicted at the beginning of the year that 2015 is set to be the “year of wearable tech” and Monday’s Apple event only confirmed it. Apple Watch The Apple Watch has caused quite a stir, in both the offline and online world. After its initial announcement back in September 2014, the March 9th event earlier this week confirmed its …

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2 March 2015

4 algorithmic changes Google should implement

Google’s algorithm is a very complex combination of on-site and off-site parameters. As SEOs, we’re fascinated with how Google determines ranking, and every tiny change or perceived change get a huge amount of coverage within the industry. While Google has come a long way in improving user experience, tackling spam and low quality sites from appearing high up in search …

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24 February 2015

Everything brands need to know about Snapchat

A number of brands struggle to reach the younger demographics; those that are unable to embrace the ever evolving world of social media are at a distinct advantage. With the younger generation leaning away from the “retro” sites where their parents dwell (Facebook and Twitter), the more visually based apps and platforms are becoming hugely appealing. Launched back in 2011, …

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28 January 2015

What Makes a Good 404 Error Page?

Despite a constant effort by most webmasters to reduce the number of technical errors that occur on their site; it is impossible to eliminate them all. Every now and then broken links will slip through the cracks or 301 re-directs will have problems and an error page will be presented to the user. What should be done is that if …

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23 January 2015

Paris attacks – All united online

After the tragic news of the terrible terrorist attacks that shook Paris earlier this month, it was great to see how united France was during the rally on the 12th January 2015 with more than 3 million showing they would not be kowtowed by terrorism. However, it was also great to note that this unity extended online with the trending …

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19 January 2015

Tips when doing SEO for a small website

Executing an SEO campaign for a small website can present a variety of challenges. Unlike work with more established platforms, there is often little basis to build on in terms of offsite visibility, brand reputation and content. That being said, with the right strategy and focusing on the right areas, you can still achieve promising results- sometimes pretty quickly. Here are some …

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30 December 2014

10 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

It’s that time of year again; I’ve been looking back over the highlights and surprises of 2014 and compiling my annual list of New Year digital predictions. The past 12 months have seen a number of milestones and 2015 is set to be even bigger. 1. The rise of smart watches There’s been a lot of buzz around wearable tech …

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