4 November 2015

RWC2015 Wrap-up: Which brands SCORED, who must TRY harder…?

During the Rugby World Cup, we thought we’d look not only at the countries who are involved, but also the brands. Brands pay an astronomical amount to sponsor sporting events, despite not always getting a return on their investment (ITV looked set to lose almost £1m per game when England got knocked out.) So how did we measure the effectiveness of …

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3 November 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015: Was the result All Black (and white)?

Tamar Towers is in Chiswick, West London, just a stone’s throw away from the spiritual home of rugby – Twickenham. So at the start of the Rugby World Cup 2015, we couldn’t help but get involved in the excitement. Being search specialists, we decided to look at the countries that were keen before kickoff. We looked at Google trends data …

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13 October 2015

What Does Ad Blocking Mean for SEO?

 With Apple’s controversial decision to allow Ad and Content Blockers on its mobile Safari browser, a lot of questions have been raised about the effects. Adblockers have been around for a while now, but Apple’s decision has made them available to a very large audience which could have a significant impact in online advertising. We all know that some ads …

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8 October 2015

And the winner of the #GBBOFinal is…

Last night was the final of this series on the Great British Bake Off. This quintessential British TV grips the nation every week, and this series was no exception. We all watched with baited breath as Paul and Mary examined their iced buns, moderated their mille-feuille and looked at the layers of their classic British cake. Everyone’s favourite baker (in …

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7 October 2015

Applying for a Graduate role in Digital Marketing?

We’ve been doing a shed load of interviews recently for Digital Marketing Internships and Graduates and it’s surprising how many candidates are applying for a role in digital, that don’t seem to actually be online. Assuming you know the general rules of CV writing, such as keep things brief and relevant and make sure you’re not applying for a job …

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18 September 2015

Blogger Spotlight – Christopher from Methods Unsound

It’s the final day of Social Media Week, so that means it’s time for our final Blogger Spotlight. Today it’s Christopher Ratcliff’s turn. He writes for Methods Unsound, a blog he set up with his wife – Toni Ratcliff – and his good friends Joachim Farncombe and Matt Owen. Don’t forget that if you’ve missed any of our other blogger …

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17 September 2015

Blogger Spotlight – Rachel from Handbags & Cupcakes

It’s day 4 of Social Media Week, so that means it’s time for our 4th Blogger Spotlight. So we’re chatting to Rachel, who runs Handbags & Cupcakes, a blog she’s run for nearly 5 years. She blogs about general lifestyle and graduated from the University of Bristol this summer. Don’t forget that if you’ve missed any of our other blogger …

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16 September 2015

10 tips from Be A Better Blogger

In case you missed us talking about it (unlikely), we held our Be A Better Blogger event last night. A big thank you to everyone who came down, especially Adam from Unite Student and Rachel from Handbags & Cupcakes, but if you couldn’t make the event last night, here’s a roundup of the take home messages from the event; 1. Promotion is everything One tip is for every hour …

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