The month in social
27 April 2016

The month in social: April

We’re only four months into the year and already social media has thrown some unexpected events at us. As another month has flown by it’s time for our social round up, this month we have seen everything; from an exciting  new launch from Pinterest to Facebook continuing to expand its services. Snapchat updates privacy policy Snapchat is the social platform …

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22 April 2016

4 Benefits of Snapchat for Brands

It’s been over four years since Snapchat was released, with the simple function of sharing photos with friends that would disappear after ten seconds. Brands didn’t pay much attention in these early days as the potential to reach users was relatively small. Now, with an increased user base and new features, brands are starting to use Snapchat more frequently, some …

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21 April 2016

Unlocking the secrets of content marketing for brands

Content is one of the most important aspects of any website and most brands understand that it’s important to produce engaging and shareable content frequently. Producing content is not only a great way to improve rankings for SEO purposes, but it’s also important to encourage engagement and keep readers interested and returning to your site. Producing content can take time. …

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20 April 2016

7 Reasons why Donald Trump is like PPC

At Tamar, we only do natural, organic marketing. Whilst ‘paid for’ advertising has plenty of strengths and advantages, we believe there’s no substitute for earning your brand’s place in front of your consumer. The majority of our clients also utilise paid media to get in front of their audience, so we spend our fair share of time thinking about it, …

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15 April 2016

3 Reasons why SEOs hate Developers

The relationship between SEOs and developers has always been quite fraught, with both parties arguing over what do on a website. The truth of the matter is we don’t always hate developers, just the ones that don’t know how to do their job properly and make our lives ten times more difficult. Here’s three reasons why they  sometimes make us …

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14 April 2016

Adblocking means SEO is vital for brands

The rising use of ad blockers is currently a hot topic in the digital media industry. Publishers and paid media providers have been increasingly engaged in legal skirmishes with courts, ad blocking providers and web browser companies. The latest in the legal losing streak comes from Germany, where a court has rejected claims that ad blocking providers are illegal. As ad …

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gain instagram followers
13 April 2016

14 ways to gain followers on Instagram

Growing community sizes is often one of the core KPIs of a community manager, and Instagram is the new frontier for many businesses (those that are a little bit behind, at any rate…). But how can you grow your community size on Instagram? How can you capture those all-important followers? We’ve got 14 ways to do just that. #1 Buy followers …

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8 April 2016

5 reasons Video Content is Great For SEO

Digital video content has been gracing our desktop, laptop and mobile screens for many years now and has recently been increasing to the point where people now spend more time watching it than they spend on social media. This has all come at the same time as the rise of live streaming apps such as Periscope and as marketers set …

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7 April 2016

How will intelligent personal assistants affect SEO?

If you’ve seen the movie Her, or perhaps Iron Man, you’ll know what the future of tech looks like. AI is coming and it’s coming in a big way. It’s here to make our lives easier and simpler, or at least, that’s what all the big tech giants would have us believe. AI is nothing new, IBM has been experimenting …

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6 April 2016

Why aren’t more brands promoting on Pinterest?

Pinterest has recently made promoted pins available beyond the US, including the UK, so this opens the platform up for a share of brand marketing budgets, as they pay for the eyeballs of this very receptive audience – or will they? With regular and steady growth of over 60% a year, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social platforms. With 100 …

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