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Check-in’ out the location-based apps, Pt 1 – FourSquare

11 October 2010 | Henry Elliss

This is the first in a series of five blogs, looking at some of the major players in the location-based app business – FourSquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, Yelp and SCVNGR. As well as looking at [...]

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Google SEO Starter Guide II (The Sequel)

1 October 2010 | Alex Christie

If you had to choose who you would like to receive a best practice SEO guide from, it would probably be Google (apart of Tamar of course). Well, the search engine with all the secrets [...]

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Have we all gone infographic mad?

23 July 2010 | Sarah Graveling

My degree was in Graphic Information Design, so I’ve always had a passion for a good information graphic, ever since we studied the ultimate infographic, the London tube map. So I was particularly pleased when [...]

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Simo Sam spends the day

16 July 2010 | Alex Christie

Cape Town Tamarites were welcomed by a familiar face as we walked into our warm office a couple of weeks ago – Simo Sam was spending the day with us. Simo is a recipient of [...]

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Cape Town CSR success

17 June 2010 | Annie Wakefield

The Cape Town office headed for Vuyani Primary in high spirits on Tuesday, despite talk of snow on Table Mountain. We braved everything the wintery Cape Town weather had to throw at us, from bright [...]

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World Cup Online: Google vs Bing

7 June 2010 | Annie Wakefield

It has been a while since I’ve done one of my comparison posts and with the World Cup less than a week away from kick-off, the timing seems ideal. So, the question is, which search [...]

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HTML 5 and accessibility

5 May 2010 | Alex Christie

I’ve written previously about HTML 5 and the new possibilities that it offers. But how will HTML 5 affect web accessibility? HTML 5 has so far received limited support from the most commonly used browsers, [...]

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Virtual insanity?

28 April 2010 | Milly Diaz

Lastminute.com released an interesting report this week that revealed Britons spent more money on ‘in-home’ leisure than travel the last few years. Travel experts are concerned that the internet is breeding a generation of ‘no [...]

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UK Search Spend Up 21% from Last Year

20 April 2010 | Alex Christie

A recent Q1 2010 report by UK Agency Efficient frontier has released their search engine performance report detailing a 21% rise in search spend. Google CFO Patrick Pichette has attributed that part of the reason [...]

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Google’s Babelfish

5 March 2010 | Liz Morray

The latest tech buzz to get me excited is the news that Google is developing mobile speech-to-speech translation: a real life babelfish! The software would provide real-time, speech-to-speech translation to a smartphone, and will hopefully [...]