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Go for Gold with Tamar at Social Media Week London

5 September 2012 | Henry Elliss

Here at Tamar we have long been fans of the ‘Social Media Week’ movement, and this year we’re  holding our most exciting event to date. On the 26th of September at the stunning ‘Skyloft‘ on [...]

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Are Tom Daley and Jess Ennis Team GB’s ‘hottest’ athletes?

26 June 2012 | Tanya Goodin

Published today, exactly one month to go before the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics, Tamar’s Sports Index Vol 4 looks at the popularity of Google searches for the currently selected Team GB athletes [...]

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10 Interesting things we learnt about Facebook through their IPO

3 February 2012 | Henry Elliss

Normally at this point on a Friday I’d be busily scouring the web for FAILs to talk about in my “Failure to Launch” column. However, because it’s been a bit of a quiet week on [...]

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Foursquare is Where It’s At

7 December 2011 | Ashley Turner

The digital world is buzzing these days with talk of various location based service companies, apps and future projects. In recent news, Facebook has acquired the popular location based app Gowalla and hired much of [...]

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Video Killed the Complacent Star

4 November 2011 | Milly Diaz

A few months ago I blogged that investing in video content to share via social channels could give a brand a distinct advantage over its competitors. Respected fashion digital expert, Tony King, delivered the same [...]

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Video infographic must-see: A Video History of the iPhone

18 October 2011 | Tanya Goodin

I stumbled across this video infographic about the history of the iPhone and not only is it timely, but it’s also brilliant! It’s certainly worth the 4 minutes it takes to watch it and because [...]

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Steve Jobs and me

6 October 2011 | Tanya Goodin

The Macintosh SE30 was my very first computer. My boss plonked one down on my desk late one Friday: “take this home over the weekend. By the time you come in on Monday I expect [...]

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What’s that tweet worth? Analytwics have arrived

14 September 2011 | Henry Elliss

First off, I should apologise for the use of that hideous malapropism in the title – I couldn’t resist! Good news for those of us who use Twitter as part of our marketing plan – [...]

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Coming Soon – the greatest social media movie. Ever!

24 February 2011 | Henry Elliss

Here on the Tamar blog, we usually steer clear of ‘lighter’ news stories, preferring to stick to sharing our opinions or insight on the latest trends/news that will be relevant to our clients and industry [...]

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Check-in’ out the location-based apps, Pt 2 – Gowalla

12 October 2010 | Henry Elliss

This is the second in a series of five blogs, looking at some of the major players in the location-based app business – FourSquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, Yelp and SCVNGR. As well as looking at [...]