Blog image to open MP3 store

17 September 2008 | Alex Christie

New Media Age have just reported that Amazon in the UK is to start selling MP3′s in October. Following the lead of the .com site it will open up the market even more, much to [...]

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Windows7 closer than you thought…

16 September 2008 | Alex Christie

A few months ago we reported on the development of Microsoft’s new operating system, known as Windows 7, and mentioned that it would be publicly available very soon, even in the next year. Microsoft however [...]

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Google Android due 23 September

11 September 2008 | Alex Christie

Reuters have revealed that T-Mobile will be selling a mobile running Google Android by 23 September. Google’s next ‘must have’ is an open source operating system and is expected to make a huge splash in [...]

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Microsoft IE8 not about Performance.

11 September 2008 | Alex Christie

Seems as though Microsoft is feeling a little ignored, with all the hype that is surrounding Google’s new Web browser, Chrome.  To get the lime light back on the new Internet Explorer, they decided to [...]

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Be Aware, of the Free Software Curse!

10 September 2008 | Alex Christie

Every time we use the internet we open ourselves up to vulnerabilities. Viruses, Trojans and other types of malware are increasing at an incredible rate and if that isn’t enough, an internet security company has [...]

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A social networking site where you are NOT invited…

9 September 2008 | Alex Christie

CNN reported on Friday that the US Government has created a new social networking site called ‘A-Space’ to allow analysts (spies) from the 16 different U.S. intelligence agencies to share thoughts and opinions on intelligence [...]

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Google’s Chrome doesn’t frighten competitors

3 September 2008 | Alex Christie

It seems as though the news of Google very own web browser, Chrome, being prepared for release hasn’t affected the moods of their competitors much. Browser makers, Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera has reacted positively to [...]

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Google Chrome

2 September 2008 | Alex Christie

Google has today announced albeit by ‘accident’ the imminent release of it’s new Chrome browser.  In typical Google fashion they have chosen to be different and announced the release of Chrome via a unique means [...]

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I.E 8 plays spot-the-difference with Firefox 3

29 August 2008 | Alex Christie

The race between Firefox and Internet Explorer reminds me of the Olympics. As some nations steam ahead, others can only trail in their wake. The 2nd beta of IE8 has just been released, and as [...]

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Viruses in space?

27 August 2008 | Annie Wakefield

Computer viruses have become more resilient it would seem. NASA has confirmed that a certain Gammima.AG has made its way across all 180miles seperating the earth from the ISS (International Space Station) to infect computers [...]