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Windows 7 – Great “new” features

18 November 2008 | Alex Christie

Vista was very hyped up while it was being development. It promised many things, but never delivered. This was mainly due to the fact that Vista was too user friendly for its own good, causing [...]

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Cheaper mobile calls are here

17 November 2008 | Alex Christie

There are over a billion land line numbers that you can dial worldwide (350 million in China alone). The number surprised me at first considering the population of the world is 6.7 billion people. The [...]

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Google voice search….. what next?

17 November 2008 | Alex Christie

Google is really pulling out all the stops when it comes to maintaining the lead in the online and marketing  world. Google has released an application that allows you to do a voice search on [...]

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Browser Stats

12 November 2008 | Alex Christie

I don’t know about everyone else out there, but I am becoming increasing frustrated with having to test web sites in IE6 Surely it is time to call it a day and banish it to [...]

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Making the case for Visual Studio 2008

11 November 2008 | Alex Christie

A big part of any successful organisation is ensuring that all expenditure is justified in terms of the expected ROI.  With this in mind I recently went in seek of documentation to support my development [...]

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Headphones can interfere with pacemakers and defibrillators

10 November 2008 | Alex Christie

Researchers say headphones that are used with MP3 digital music players can interfere with heart devices like pacemaker or defibrillators. The earphones of MP3 players and iPods should not be kept in shirt pockets, around [...]

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Microsoft offers Free Sotware

6 November 2008 | Alex Christie

A couple of weeks ago Aaron, our Head of Technology, wrote a post about saving costs by using Open Source and mentioned that software could be as much as a third of the price of [...]

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Increasing output by avoiding conflict of objectives

5 November 2008 | Alex Christie

Years ago I read an article, in Reader’s Digest, about how two workmates started learning tennis. And one of them almost always won. The winner (author of that article) pointed out his winning was not [...]

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VoxOx, the new skype

4 November 2008 | Alex Christie

It’s been a while since I’ve seen something that could do what Skype does, that was until I found VoxOx. VoxOx could possibly be the next gen of Skype, you can do so much more [...]

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Azure by Microsoft

28 October 2008 | Alex Christie

Windows Azure, the new cloud computing platform from Microsoft provides users with storage, networking and computational power. Ray Ozzie, chief software architect at Microsoft, said that Microsoft would help developers build the next generation of [...]