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The £100 Super Computer

20 May 2009 | Alex Christie

From the moment I assembled my first computer I have been fascinated by the idea of building my own computational cluster, however the sheer cost involved has always stopped me, until now.

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Wolfram Alpha – first light

20 May 2009 | Alex Christie

I waited till Wolfram Alpha (I will call it W(α) from now, because “Wolfram Alpha” is fairly cumbersome) was live before I started slating it. I had a stockpile of ammunition ready for its deconstruction, [...]

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CMS – The Secret of My Success

18 May 2009 | Alex Christie

I quite often get asked by clients where they should be spending their limited design/build budget and my answer is nearly always the same. Get a good CMS.  A well implemented CMS will pay for [...]

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Seven simple questions to make the tech guys sweat…

15 May 2009 | Alex Christie

Evaluating and comparing new technology solutions can often be a daunting task, with everyone from suppliers to Internal IT having their own vested interest in a particular outcome, it is often hard for individuals from [...]

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P2P – It’s not all about copyright infringement

14 May 2009 | Alex Christie

Peer to peer (p2p) networks have been in the news again recently with the founders of the PirateBay (a peer to peer file sharing site) receiving jail sentences for their roles in contributing to copyright [...]

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New version of Office available in 2010

28 April 2009 | Alex Christie

Microsoft Office 2010(also known by its codename "Office 14") is the next version of the Microsoft Office suite for Microsoft Windows, due out some time in 2010. The timing for when it will be available, [...]

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Microsoft’s Internet search must begin at ‘home’

20 April 2009 | Alex Christie

Microsoft's challenging commitment to grow the share of it's search business isn't just a global issue. It's also a challenge within its own walls at Redmond. Despite investing 5 years and hundreds of millions of [...]

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Skype comes to the iPhone

31 March 2009 | Alex Christie

After quite a lot of speculation, Skype finally made its way iphone-bound today. As a regular skyper and iPhone advocate – I think this is pretty good news and good progress, I've downloaded a couple [...]

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Hot off Microsoft, Internet Explorer 8, is not so hot

24 March 2009 | Alex Christie

IE8, the latest Microsoft internet browser, hit the download sites recently.  According to Information Week, the initial feedback from the public has been bad. With complaints ranging from slow boot times, buggy search functionality and [...]

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Colour eBook readers now on sale.

19 March 2009 | Alex Christie

Another first for technology comes from Fujitsu this time. The company has put the first colour eBook reader to market in Japan in the first quarter of 2009. Called flepia the device uses sunlight-visible e-ink. [...]