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Trusting your life to digital – am I paranoid?

8 October 2009 | Henry Elliss

As a general rule, I’m a big fan of change – especially online. I like to think that I’m a reasonably ‘early adopter’ – I’m not obsessive about it, but I am (for instance) a [...]

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Could UK postal strikes affect online sales this Christmas?

28 September 2009 | Alex Christie

Although for the most of us Christmas still seems a long way off, we can correctly assume that retailers are already well into their festive marketing strategies. Only this week I saw my first 2009 [...]

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Google Chrome may be bad for you!

23 September 2009 | Alex Christie

Ever wondered why Google might be interested in building a browser and ‘force’ Google search as the preferred search engine, or import data which you have not approved – sound a bit like Microsoft a [...]

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Twitter in Pole Position

16 September 2009 | Alex Christie

I’m a huge F1 racing fan. Most people find this odd, those cars seem to just follow each other round in a noisy procession for an hour and a half, occasionally stopping for a pit [...]

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“InPrivate Filtering” another cool feature of IE 8

15 September 2009 | Alex Christie

While you are browsing a web site it may be pulling active content from many other different third party sources and of course these contents have benefits and value for the user. It is important [...]

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Augmented Reality and its role in our digital future

2 September 2009 | Alex Christie

Augmented reality is not a new concept, but its’ implementation is a little slow on the uptake. Apart from thousands of impressive movies on YouTube, there is very little available for the general public in [...]

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No Joke, Video’s Coming to Print!

20 August 2009 | Milly Diaz

Abso-freaking-mazing! American TV broadcaster CBS has found a way to cut through the noise of our modern “message” saturated world. With the help of ad partner, Pepsi, they’re advertising their fall TV show line up [...]

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BlackBerry – Coming soon to a Mac near you

16 August 2009 | Alex Christie

After years of promising Mac support for the BlackBerry, RIM are finally releasing a Macintosh version of the popular BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Looking somewhat similar to iTunes, RIM says the new sofware will enable users to: [...]

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Internet Explorer 8 is partnering with top search providers like Bing, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Amazon

15 August 2009 | Alex Christie

Internet Explorer 8 is partnering with top search providers like Bing, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Amazon to deliver visual suggestions that provide you with immediate answers. For example, typing “Isaac Newt” with Wikipedia visual suggestions will instantly [...]

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Windows 7 minus IE 8 for EU

12 August 2009 | Alex Christie

Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer 8 will not be shipped with the Windows 7 release for Europe. This is to ensure that Microsoft complies with the competition laws of the European Union. They also [...]