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Let me count the ways….

16 January 2009 | Tanya Goodin

I didn't make the full list of social media New Year's resolutions that I made last year (mainly because learnt from my lessons the year before…) but one of the things I have resolved to do is try [...]

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Jonathan Ross reaches out to Twitter audience for BAFTA comeback

15 January 2009 | Alex Christie

It was announced on BBC news this morning that the recently suspended Jonathan Ross will be presenting this years BAFTA film awards as part of his TV and Radio comeback following his Andrew Sachs related [...]

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Adopt-a-blog #6 – StephenFry

14 January 2009 | Tanya Goodin

If Oscar Wilde was blogging today this is what I imagine his blog would look like. Witty, erudite, packed with razor-sharp observations and a touch of the unexpected…  I've been following Stephen Fry's blog for [...]

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a toothbrush, an iPhone and a Blackberry

12 January 2009 | Tanya Goodin

I spent a surprise weekend in New York last weekend. Because it was a surprise I hadn't done my usual OCD thing of researching every possible bar, shop and eating venue in advance. Nor had I packed [...]

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Playstation Programming

5 January 2009 | Alex Christie

I have long had an interest in programming artificial intelligence systems, particularly those that can predict a future series of events based on past data (think stock market).  During one of my recent web surfing [...]

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Five reasons to be cheerful in 2009

2 January 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Gloomy or what? According to the media crunch has now turned to crash, recession to depression and we're now apparently facing the most difficult economic period in decades. Today has been officially designated 'throw a [...]

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The best websites in the world ever….vol. 36

4 December 2008 | Tanya Goodin

I’m the 36th member of team Tamar to post to this blog series so I’ve got plenty of excuses for being a tiny bit uninspired. Then again there are 100 million internet sites… My Top [...]

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A birthday gadget!

4 December 2008 | Tanya Goodin

I was very lucky today and a special person bought me a special present – a Sony Reader. I've only had it for a few hours but readers of this blog will be delighted to hear [...]

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All charged up

9 November 2008 | Tanya Goodin

Everyone laughed at me in the office when I bought this. But the laugh is on the other foot (hmmm, nothing like mixing a few metaphors) when they all saw how useful it is! I [...]

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A bit of fun in gloomy credit crunch times…

7 November 2008 | Tanya Goodin

I’m so depressed reading the news recently about the likely depth and breadth of the UK recession that it was nice to find something yesterday that made me smile. A fellow gadget-lover showed me some [...]