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Tamar UK CSR Update – Tuesday

10 June 2008 | Alex Christie

I am writing this blog from a beach in Cornwall – Whitsand beach to be precise! Most of the Tamar UK office have come down here for a week of environmental volunteering. Yesterday was spent [...]

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Yue Miao — here we come!

9 June 2008 | Alex Christie

Today was our first day at Yue Miao — it was so exciting to be there after almost 8 months since we started discussing what we might do in Shanghai. The first day was all [...]

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Guguletu, Round 2, Day 1

9 June 2008 | Annie Wakefield

We arrived at work this morning as we do every morning, but an hour and a half early, why? Well to drive out to Guguletu (affectionately known as Gugs) and continue the work we did [...]

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…and the winners are

28 May 2008 | Alex Christie

The CT team arranged a number of awesome prizes which we raffled off to raise money for our annual CSR project. The raffle draw was called the ‘Ultra Mega Thunder Cool Raffle’ (don’t ask) was [...]

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Gearing up for CSR week in CT

19 May 2008 | Alex Christie

The Cape Town CSR effort got a huge shot in the arm last week with the news that CEL Paving are donating all the paving bricks for the project. A big thanks to Lenny from [...]

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The Photos of Fixed Roof

12 May 2008 | Alex Christie

Here are some photos of the roof that has been fixed at the Yue Miao Institute for the Handicapped that to donations that have been received. There was some heavy rain several days ago in [...]

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We’re making progress in Shanghai!

9 May 2008 | Alex Christie

Thanks to the generous donations thus far, we have been able to fix the roof and cover the expense of adding a new room! Up next is building a music room and getting basic outside [...]

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We’re going back to Vuyani

21 April 2008 | Alex Christie

In June of this year the Tamar Cape Town office will be heading back to Vuyani Primary school in Guguletu as part of our annual CSR project. As you are aware last year Tamar raised [...]

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Partying for pounds (The GBP sort!)

18 April 2008 | Alex Christie

We had our TLC Party at Studio Valbonne on Tuesday night. The general consensus was that a great time as had by all and, most importantly, quite a lot was raised to help out Yue [...]

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TLC Fundraising Charity Party

14 April 2008 | Alex Christie

Tomorrow on 15 April 2008, TLC will be hosting a party at Studio Valbonne. This evening has two purposes (1) to celebrate that launch of the Tamar Lifeline Charity which received it’s registration from the [...]