15 May 2013

10 top tips for living in harmony with social apps and games

If your Facebook or Twitter feed is anything like mine, yesterday’s announcement that Candy Crush Saga has become the world’s most played game may have inspired a few heated debates about how annoyed people get with “app spam” updates. As somebody who both loves and loathes apps – loving them for their ingenuity and fun, hating them for the crap …

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10 May 2013

This week’s digital stories that caught our eye…

  #TGIF Weekly roundup of some eye catching stories in digital. Just in case you missed them… A month in the life of Twitter: No, this wasn’t an experiment to see which brand spammed your news feed the most, who had the best #competition, who made the trending topics or what your friend did at the weekend…This was a survey created by …

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7 May 2013

YouTube set to announce paid subscription channels

Paying for YouTube. No this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, this is the news that YouTube is set to launch a paid subscription for some of its specialist channels. A move which could happen as early as next week! Rumours have circulated for a while now that YouTube were thinking of monetising some of its specialist content. In fact the code found …

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16 April 2013

Content is Magnetic in Inbound Marketing

We all know how important well written and engaging content is in SEO practice. Ensuring that Google is indexing your website is largely dependent on keeping the content fresh and updated regularly. Over the years we’ve seen the internet evolve at such speed, offering us many opportunities to embrace what is known as inbound marketing. Not only is inbound marketing …

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8 April 2013

Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | Food and Drink

Just in case you somehow missed it, last week we introduced you to ‘Spotlight’- Tamar’s model for effectively identifying influencers. We also shared the Top 5 influencers in the UK health and beauty sector alongside an up-and-coming influencer. So, what else can Spotlight offer you? Key Benefits of Spotlight: Identifies the most vocal and influential advocates in your brand’s space – the …

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5 April 2013

Facebook Home: Another tech tweak or a paradigm shift for smartphone user experience?

Over a year ago, Mark Zuckerberg voiced a problem, “not enough people are using Facebook on their mobile phone”. Since then, there have been various rumours flying around. Yesterday, Zuckerberg announced what he hopes to be the solution… FACEBOOK HOME It isn’t a phone, nor is it an operating system. Zuckerberg describes Facebook Home as ‘a suite of apps’. With the ultimate …

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2 April 2013

Introducing Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | Health and Beauty

Blogging originally started off as a way for ordinary people to digitally document everyday life in the form of online diaries. However, within the last decade or so, the blogging trend has dramatically evolved causing a blogosphere explosion. The power of the ‘influencer’ is something that brands simply cannot afford to ignore. Good news! This month, it’s all about the …

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19 March 2013

Pinterest on the right path to prove value to brands

With ‘Pin it’ buttons becoming as common on product pages as ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’ buttons, Pinterest is making a notable effort to show businesses the value to their brand of taking Pinterest increasingly seriously with a few key changes: Brand Search Previously if you searched a brand name such as ‘Burberry’, the official Burberry board would be hard to find, with search results showing Burberry …

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