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YouTube set to announce paid subscription channels

7 May 2013 | Lily Shanahan

Paying for YouTube. No this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, this is the news that YouTube is set to launch a paid subscription for some of its specialist channels. A move which could happen as early as […]

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Understand your audience – Not all influencers are the same

2 May 2013 | Lily Shanahan

Last month’s Spotlight series highlighted that bloggers are one of the most influential advocates for any brand.  Spotlight gives each brand an individual strategy which increases the likelihood of successful engagement with a brands target […]

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#Spotlight – The model for blogger engagement

2 May 2013 | Tanya Goodin

We’ve now come to the end of our month highlighting the benefits of our influencer engagement tool – Spotlight. Just in case you’ve come to the party late, Spotlight is Tamar’s proprietary  tool for rating the relative […]

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Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | London #LovinglifeLondon

30 April 2013 | Lily Shanahan

        As many of you may know the London office of Tamar is based in picturesque Chiswick. Every weekend many of us like to explore London, just like the majority of locals […]

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Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | Travel

29 April 2013 | Christine Andres

Believe it or not, this week sees the beginning of May, which means that this is our last blog in Spotlight month. What a month it’s been. Not only have we featured some great bloggers […]

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Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | Parenting

22 April 2013 | Christine Andres

By now, the need to build relationships with influencers should be something you consider necessary for your brand. As previously mentioned, these bloggers offer sincere and honest opinions in products/services reviews, and are becoming a […]

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TWIST- The Week in Search/Social from Tamar 15th April-19th April 2013

22 April 2013 | Lily Shanahan

We’ve published three blogs in the last week. If you didn’t get a chance to read them when they first went live, you can take a look at them now: Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | […]

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Twitter Introduces Twitter #Music

19 April 2013 | Lily Shanahan

Twitter is expanding into all kinds of new services these days. Rumours have once again been flying, about what Twitter’s next bold move was going to be, especially after the mention of an upcoming announcement […]

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Content is Magnetic in Inbound Marketing

16 April 2013 | Siobhan Swainston

We all know how important well written and engaging content is in SEO practice. Ensuring that Google is indexing your website is largely dependent on keeping the content fresh and updated regularly. Over the years […]

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Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | Fitness

15 April 2013 | Christine Andres

 We hope that you’ve been enjoying our Spotlight series so far, but you’re most probably wondering what happens after Spotlight? Remember that Spotlight is here to help your brand begin the rewarding process of building […]