8 February 2008

Chris Moyles Makes Waves on Facebook

As the Guardian Unlimited pointed out in their blog this week, the Chris Moyles Radio 1 show have recently gained themselves a Facebook fan page – which is getting HUGE amounts of interest from Facebookers. Live for less than a fortnight, the page was initially set up by a fan (according to the Moyles forum) but soon got picked up …

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6 February 2008

The low down on some exciting Facebook developments.

There have been a couple of new Facebook developments and instead of posting separate blogs I have simply combined them for one bumper read. Firstly, if you have been watching television recently you might have seen the latest of the iPhone adverts. In these adverts they continue their trend of showing noticeable brands on the iPhone during advertisements and the …

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4 February 2008

Great Facebook article in the Times

In case you don’t read the Times (or the Times Online!), here’s a link to the brilliant article that ran over the weekend on Facebook, including quotes from both myself and Tamar CEO Tanya Goodin. Who’s Pressing Your Buttons on Facebook? It’s definitely worth a read if you have even the slighted interest in Facebook, and the online version also …

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28 January 2008

A Small World? I Wouldn’t Know!

For a while now, I’ve been desperately searching for somebody who can invite me to the Social Network "A Small World" – so far to no avail. It is becoming evident that I obviously don’t hang around in the right social circles – despite having over 450 friends on Facebook, not a single one of them (as far as I …

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23 January 2008

London Network Hits 2 Million; UK passes 8 Million

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I have been keeping a close eye on the number of active Facebook users in the Top 10 countries; Well, just today another mile-stone was reached as the number of UK users smashed through the 8 million mark – and the number of members of the London network surpassed …

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23 January 2008

Facebook in talks with Nokia

Two communication giants to start a partnership? Facebook could be coming to a Nokia near you sooner than you think! According to a report yesterday social media giant, Facebook is currently in talks with mobile manufacturer Nokia to have its software built into thousands of handsets. The Finnish mobile company is apparently developing ways to promote a mobile version of …

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17 January 2008

Did Word-gamers shoot themselves in the foot?

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few days, you’ll no doubt have noticed the furore developing over the potential removal of Scrabulous from Facebook. It seems that the folk at Hasbro / Mattel (joint copyright owners of Scrabble) have finally woken up and realised that they’re missing a piece of the pie, and have demanded that the …

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15 January 2008


MSN creates online community around social issues MSN have partnered with WhatOnEarthIsGoingOn to create an online community for its existing user base. The community are able to access the portal to learn about and discuss social issues. Brands are also able to connect with users in this latest example of cause marketing. Cause marketing is about brands differentiating themselves from …

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14 January 2008

9 Facebook Tips That You May Not Know…

NOTE: As some of these tips are out of date now (though not all), we’ve done an updated post with 7 more tips.. Click here to read it! Here’s some tips from a seasoned Facebook user, which should help even the most experienced Social Networker get a little more out of our favourite social network… 1. Added applications don’t have …

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11 January 2008

Facebook Limiting Profile Apps to 12

Facebook have announced on their Developer Blog that they’re launching a new "profile clean-up" tool in response to users complaining that other peoples profiles are getting too cluttered. Similar to the windows "clean up your desktop" tool, it will trim down the number of applications (including the Facebook-own apps like Wall, Mini-feed and the like) down to 12 on your …

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