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27 August 2008 | Annie Wakefield

The beloved, if highly controversial, Facebook game, Scrabulous, is dead. This after users made the startling discovery over the weekend.  The only place in the world where Scrabulous is currently still available is India, but [...]

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Michael Phelps’ Facebook Popularity Soars

21 August 2008 | Henry Elliss

Record-breaking Olympian Michael Phelps might be over in China right now, but that hasn’t stopped Facebook users showing their love for him. As of this morning, his Facebook fan page had shot to the top [...]

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Downing Street In Clever-Use-of-YouTube Shocker!

20 August 2008 | Henry Elliss

It looks like the back-room nerds at 10 Downing Street have finally woken up to the power of Social Media, and in particular YouTube. And even better than that, they’ve upset the opposition in the [...]

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Bebo Spam On the Increase?

20 August 2008 | Henry Elliss

I doubt I’m alone in this, but would love to hear any feedback from other readers – has anyone else noticed the levels of spam or fake friend requests increasing on Bebo lately? I seem [...]

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Canada Tops Facebook List – Global Users 117m

18 August 2008 | Henry Elliss

As regular readers will know, we keep a close eye on Facebook’s active user figures on a regular basis round here, to monitor the movers and losers in the world of Facebook. Well, whilst updating [...]

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Is Free Mobile Usage The Future?

14 August 2008 | Henry Elliss

In my capacity as Head of Social Media here at Tamar, I get to meet a lot of interesting people – some tell me things I already knew; some try to sell me their services; [...]

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Facebook she wrote

12 August 2008 | Alex Christie

Alleged murderer Chad Khan has been on the run for two-and-a-half years. Khan is believed to have strangled his girlfriend Lauren Sleep (25) on the night of January 19 2006 in Pretoria, South Africa. She [...]

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New Bebo Friend Request from Gliese 581c

4 August 2008 | Henry Elliss

If you start receiving strange friend requests on Bebo in the year 2050, there may be more to them than meets the eye. That’s because 2050 is about the time that we can expect a [...]

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Scrabulous vs Hasbro – The Second Coming

29 July 2008 | Henry Elliss

It looks like the Scrabulous vs copyright holders battle is about to rear it’s ugly head again – over 7 months after the argument first emerged. According to the BBC, American Scrabble copyright owners Hasbro [...]

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Facebook Officially Most Visited Network in UK

24 July 2008 | Henry Elliss

According to the statistical wizards over at Hitwise, Facebook now receives almost 50% of all UK social networking site visits, showing massive growth this year compared with 2007. Growing a massive 172% compared to the [...]