6 May 2008

Social Networkers Set to Triple by 2012

After reports recently (including on this blog) about the UK being top of the European social networking charts, independent market analyst Datamonitor has predicted that membership will almost triple to 27m by 2012. That means that almost half of the country would be signed up to one of the major social networks – no mean feat for sure, though a …

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1 May 2008

Twitter Not Worth The Paper it’s Not Printed on?

There’s a very interesting post over at the AllFacebook blog talking about the latest valuation of some of the hot digital properties. Based on valuations (tenuously) calculated over at the Silicon Alley Insider, Facebook is worth approximately $9 billion. But more interesting to me is the valuation they put on Twitter – a relatively small $75 million. I know most …

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25 April 2008

UK Facebook Users Break 10 Million Mark

Well, we knew it was coming and finally on Wednesday the number of UK users on Facebook surpassed the 10 million mark (see my graphs below). As well as showing that previous reports of Facebook’s supposed decline in the UK are utter nonsense, it also marks cements the UK’s position as the second largest users of Facebook in the world. …

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24 April 2008

Facebook Chat – Talking the talk

World’s biggest social networking site continues to evolve. Facebook have been listening to their users recently – and maybe that’s why they’re so keen to keep us all talking. After removal of the expressively limiting ‘is’ from status updates a while back (which bizarrely, and even after all this time still leaves everyone talking in the third person), and my …

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23 April 2008

Social network for the older generation

Who says that the Social networking trend discriminates against the older generation? Definitely not GetBack Media, a new social network who will be targeting an audience above the age of 35. The site, which started today, will primarily focus on pop culture from the 1968 – 1990 periods and include a timeline loaded with news and trivia from the past. …

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21 April 2008

Facebook Slimming Down… But Why?

As several bloggers have noted lately, Facebook seems to be dropping features on a weekly basis. In just the last month alone, the following features have been trimmed from the site: Networks – or the link to your network page at the top of the page, to be precise Friend timeline – the feature that showed you a timeline of …

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16 April 2008

New UK Laws to Outlaw Flogging

… Flogging of course being the term for Fake Blogging! New laws being introduced in the UK next month should see fake bloggers being penalised (or even arrested) for their actions, according to the IPA. The new regulations fall under the ‘Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations’ and extends the coverage from just traditional marketing to online. To outline it …

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16 April 2008

Facebook Lexicon Arrives

Those of you who are regular readers of our blogs – or indeed are long-time clients – will know how fond we are in the ‘Search and Social Media’ team of the Google Zeitgeist report, and indeed Google Trends. Well, now you can do a similar thing within Facebook, with the newly-launched Facebook Lexicon. The tool trawls about 6 months …

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15 April 2008

Centralising your social media!

When stepping back to take a look into the wild and rapidly developing world of social media, it’s soon pretty clear just how decentralised all our personal information has become.  Individual’s online presence have evolved into an intricate labyrinth of sites, all important in their own right, but fragmented nonetheless.  For example Luigi has all his photos on Flickr, videos …

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3 April 2008

Facebook chat coming soon?

According to the guys at AllFacebook.com, the launch of the much-hyped Facebook chat client could come this week. The clues to this imminent change? Apparently there are a number of javascript changes being implemented by Facebook, as well as a new TCP connection change to Facebook users that are logged in (don’t worry, they lost me at TCP as well…) …

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