24 May 2008

Facebook IS Not Gone Yet – On Blackberry Anyway

I don’t know if anyone else who has the application has noticed this too, but what happened to RIM’s promise to get rid of the enforced “is” from Facebook status updates? I received an email from RIM a few weeks back prompting me to download an update to the “Facebook for Blackberry” application, with the only “new feature” listed being …

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22 May 2008

Blogging in Strange Places

As I mentioned yesterday, the release of the Typepad for Blackberry application means I now have the ability to blog from pretty much anywhere I like. As if to demomstrate the wonderful freedom of this, I am writing this entry from the District Line on London’s Underground, on my way in to our offices. But it got me thinking – …

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21 May 2008

TypePad finally supporting Blackberrys!

Great news for those of us that spend more time on their blackberrys than is healthy – after many months (years?) of user requests, Typepad have finally decided to support us blackberry users with their mobile applications. So far it seems to be quite impressive, though notably it doesn’t seem to want me to add any carriage returns to my …

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19 May 2008

Facebook Cracking Down on ‘False’ Official Pages

When we were conducting the research for our recent Social Media Sectors report, one thing we found very difficult was classifying when a page or group was ‘official’, and when it was created by a fan. In some cases ‘official’ pages are being created by employees of the company without corporate backing or approval, which makes the diffentiation very difficult. …

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15 May 2008

‘Whats up Doc?’ Facebook group cooks up panic-buy

I’ve never felt the urge to go out and panic-buy carrots before. Ever. Fact. So when you hear that today nearly 240,000 people are doing this, you have to wonder what on earth is going on. And if the supermarkets run out, what Bugs is going to have for his supper… Of course, the root (sorry) of such lunacy is …

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14 May 2008

Facebook – My Life in Numbers

Following on from my little piece of number crunching when I reached 500 friends last week (I’m at 504 now – not that I’m counting…!) I decided to take it another step and see how those 500 friends split down in terms of my life – when did I first meet them? Time to find out… The first thing I …

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13 May 2008

Google connecting social networks

Yesterday I did a blog post about Facebook and MySpace that will be allowing their users to access their information remotely and today I found out that Google is also making an effort to help merge social networks. According to Google’s director of engineering David Glazer, "Social is in the air," and Google announced their own " Friend Connect"  that …

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12 May 2008

Social giants make profiles portable

Last week was quite a week for social networks as both Facebook and MySpace decided that they will allow their users to use their personal data and information on other websites. MySpace made the announcement first on Thursday with Facebook releasing its statement on Friday. Facebook is planning to allow its users to distribute their information to any website, but …

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12 May 2008

Credit Companies Causing Stir on Facebook

There’s a story hitting the papers today about credit companies using Facebook to target young consumers. The BBC reports that charity Credit Action claim adverts promising cheap loans for people with poor credit are appearing regularly on the social networking site, many of which are breaking advertising regulations. The products being highlighted as particularly worrisome are promoting ‘pay day loans’ …

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7 May 2008

500 Friends… Do I Get a Prize?

Today I reached somewhat of a milestone in my Facebook life. Following on from my 1-year anniversary last month, I have now reached the dizzying height of having 500 friends. Before I joined Facebook I wouldn’t have even been able to count 100 friends off the top of my head, but now I have over 500 at my fingertips. So …

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