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Putting the “social” into the “media”

22 October 2008 | Annie Wakefield

Just some random news: I was wandering around the Cape Town V&A Waterfront last night with some friends and we had to wait to cross the swing bridge to the Clock Tower. The swing bridge [...]

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Stephen Fry Goes all 2.0

22 October 2008 | Henry Elliss

It’s not my turn to list my favourite websites quite yet, but I couldn’t resist telling you about one of my favourite websites none-the-less, especially as it’s got a new social media edge to it. [...]

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Facebook hits new record.

21 October 2008 | Alex Christie

Facebook has hit a new record in the US with 39 million unique visitors in October according to Neilson Online, who measures and analyses web audiences. Facebook has grown more than 116% in a year [...]

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The best social bookmarking sites

15 October 2008 | Annie Wakefield

There are so many social book marking sites out there, so we understand how confusing it can be to ensure you choose the right one for you and your needs. So here is a breakdown [...]

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Printing MySpace

8 October 2008 | Alex Christie

MySpace are teaming up with Hewlett Packard to allow users to take online content off line. Profiles will sport buttons to allow you to print photos, comments and more with out leaving profile pages. The [...]

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Live Search Rolls on to Facebook

8 October 2008 | Henry Elliss

Just a little under a year after Microsoft bought a $240 million stake in Facebook, the effects of that deal are beginning to become evident. As has been predicted for a while now, today finally [...]

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When Celebrities DON’T Network! Andrew Collins

6 October 2008 | Henry Elliss

Regular readers of this blog will remember back in June we ran a series of short interviews with a selection of famous types about their use of Social Media – Dom Joly, Danny Wallace and [...]

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Facebook in the Queen’s English?

6 October 2008 | Henry Elliss

Most of you logging in to Facebook this morning will have been greeted by the following message, which probably confused you as much as it did me: It looks like Facebook is really ramping up [...]

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Henry is… updating his status in many places!

1 October 2008 | Henry Elliss

As regular readers will know, I’ve been a Facebook user for over 18 months now and still find time to update my status on a regular basis. Despite being of no real value to me, [...]

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How is Facebook helping MI6?

29 September 2008 | Annie Wakefield

Well, her Majesty’s secret service is using the world’s biggest social networking site to recruit agents, according to a story released earlier today. According to a Foreign Office spokesperson : "The open recruitment campaign continues [...]