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Adopt-a-blog #21 –

16 February 2009 | Alex Christie

I have to admit when i first heard i had to review a blog on  Silicon Valley news it didn't fill me with a huge amount of excitement. I had never visited the site and [...]

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Adopt-a-blog #20 – How to get things done

16 February 2009 | Alex Christie

So I adopted a blog called, which advertises itself as the website for 'tips and downloads for getting things done'.  We all know that the most finite resource in everyone's life today is time; [...]

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Adopt-a-blog #19 –

13 February 2009 | Alex Christie

Well I’m reporting back with my Adopt-a-blog review of Any thoughts on what it might possibly be about? – Mac rumours, Apple Mac rumours. But that is not all it’s about, this blog is [...]

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Adopt-a-blog #18 – Stanford Captology Notebook

12 February 2009 | Alex Christie

The authors refer to this as a notebook, not as a blog, not sure what the distinction is if there is any. The "notebook" is by the Stanford Persuasion Lab, so if you are not [...]

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Adopt-a-blog#17 –

11 February 2009 | Alex Christie

An art connoisseur, no, but passionate about the arts, yes. I thought that I would be right out of my depth with this one.  Instead, a nice surprise. International art stories with a focus on [...]

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How will fame change Twitter?

10 February 2009 | Henry Elliss

If, like me, you are a regular twitterer, you’ll doubtless have been witnessing the recent boom in popularity that it’s received – particularly in the UK. Thanks in no small part to what will doubtless [...]

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We like it…a lot

10 February 2009 | Annie Wakefield

Facebook has established itself as the powerhouse of social networking, but luckily for us they haven't rested on their laurels and they are constantly trying to implement new functions to enhance our experience on their [...]

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How to keep track of YouTube videos

6 February 2009 | Alex Christie

Many of us post videos on YouTube and just forget about it after showing it to friends and family, but there's money in YouTube as there is in everything on the internet. You Tube is [...]

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Google Latitude – where are you?

4 February 2009 | Alex Christie

Well, I was going to do a nice interactive blog today about Google Latitude – the new gadget from Google which allows you to see where all your pals are on a map, at the [...]

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Social media crimes…

4 February 2009 | Annie Wakefield

We are quite fond of social networks here at Tamar as you might have gathered. However, there is a (as with most things in life) a darker more sinister side to these sites we visit [...]