25 November 2008

Facebook awarded $873 million in spam case

After a legal proceeding that lasted four months, Judge Jeremy Fogel awarded Facebook $873 million in damages against Adam Guerbuez and Atlantis Blue Capital. The Canadian has been sending dodgy spam messages to Facebook users. This is the biggest judgment in history for an action under the CAN-SPAM act. Facebook does not expect to quickly collect $873 million and share …

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24 November 2008

The Future of Music Scouting?

Sometimes you stumble across a solution to a problem, or an application of a concept that is so simple in its implementation, yet so undeniably genius, that you almost have to take a moment to consider how it was ever possible to exist in a world without it. Like the iPhone's dedicated "Silent-Mode" switch that does not require any input …

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21 November 2008

Social networks need to get more social…

These days there are social networks for almost anything: From shopping networks to bars, if more than one person can partake in an activity, it probably has a social network online. Creating a social network is no further away than a couple of clicks. Thanks to simple creation software such as Ning, there are literally thousands of little networking sites …

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13 November 2008

Google launches videochat

Google launched their voice and video applications on Gmail and Gtalk on 11 November, making the next best thing to actual in person face to face conversation easily available to everyone with a computer and a webcam. And it’s free! Google promises it’s really quick and easy to sign up, so why not get Google live videochat right now?Users can …

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7 November 2008

Elections at the speed of the Internet.

The world let out a collective sigh of relief on Tuesday night after witnessing the monumental accomplishment of Barack Obama. Whether he is able to pull the nation out of its economical situation is yet to be seen. But his accomplishments and views are without a doubt truly inspirational, not only to American Citizens, but to Citizens across the globe. …

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6 November 2008

Tamar on Twitter

Tamar is on Twitter and we invite you to follow us! If you are not familiar with Twitter, it is a free service which is essentially a Micro-blog. Tamar staff can send status updates (Tweets) via Twitter and all Tamar blogs are announced via Twitter when they are published. I wrote a very detailed blog about Twitter if you want …

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1 November 2008

All of a twitter about bowels…

I was trying to explain twitter yesterday to a friend who had never heard of it and seeing his blank incomprehension resorted to “it’s like status updates on steroids”. He got it but it made me think – if twitter is so hard to explain what IS the point? One of the defining characteristics of a great idea is whether …

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31 October 2008

How is BrandRossGate Panning Out Online?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few days (or perhaps you gave up and set all your RSS feeds to ‘Crunch-related-only’?) you’ll doubtless know that there’s a bit of a furore going on over at the BBC about some comments that Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand made on the latter’s radio show, in answer-phone messages to …

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30 October 2008

Social Media – Is it the new office water cooler?

Independent think tank Demos recently issued a report stating that employers should not see use of social media such as Facebook, or Bebo as a waste of employees time. It found that employees are changing and evolving in the way that they wish to communicate, network, share information and transfer documentation. Popular social media sites are seen to be the …

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29 October 2008

Google makes iTunes-like deal with US book industry

As a student and a voracious book reader, it may be surprising that I haven’t really used Google’s book search option more often. I guess it’s because it’s slow, limited, annoying to use and only gives you bits of the book. This might all change soon though, as Google announced a new breakthrough deal between Google and the US book …

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