17 December 2008

Is History still written by the victors?

There is a theory that our mass-media is designed, monitored and fed to us by global bigwigs who profit off of keeping certain stories suppressed while elevating stories that support their agenda. This makes for an interesting discussion when you take into account that NBC is owned by General Electric, a very prominent arms contractor for the USA‚Ķ I will …

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16 December 2008

Social Media in 2009 – Our Predictions

This time of year seems to be the traditional time for bloggers and industry analysts to make their predictions of how the coming year will treat their chosen field of interest. Being a bit slow-on-the-uptake this year due to being so horrendously busy, I might have missed the boat a bit here – numerous bloggers have already made predictions for Social Media …

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15 December 2008

Yahoo’s redesign…… yes or no???

Today for the first time I in logged into my much neglected Yahoo! mailbox and to my surprise I saw that they have redesigned their equivalent of "iGoogle". What struck me as odd was the fact that the URL had an m as the start of yahoo.com, http://m.www.yahoo.com/ , which is more often than not for mobile use. The design …

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11 December 2008

A drink for me??

The drinks on Facebook that gets sent to me via my friends, really gets me going. Some of the "gifts" you actually have to pay for. My motto is: if it's not tangible, then don't bother. But now a company has come up with a new way of making some money from this idea and it is taking it to …

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10 December 2008

Last.fm releases “Best of 2008” data

It's for interesting little features like it's "Best of 2008" that I made last.fm one of my favourite sites on the internet. What they've basically done is compiled some really simple and interesting statistics based on peoples scrobbling habits. This means we get an insight into what people are listening to rather than the usual "such and suck have sold …

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8 December 2008

Blogs can be a right pain in the RSS

Blogs are great, I love reading them, love writing them, love finding new ones and commenting on  good examples, or lamenting those which are a bit rubbish. I'm partial to the odd Sphinn, and its great when yours turns up on a search. Oh and they are also great for SEO, you might have heard… The whole point of blogs are …

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8 December 2008

Facebook improves its video service

Now I don't know all that much about watching videos on Facebook, because I think that youtube is just better. However, Facebook have made a huge stride forward by improving their video services and I will try to explain it all to the best of my abilities. Firstly, in researching this post I learned a couple of things…Facebook's video service …

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2 December 2008

Facebook Nearly Doubles US Users in 2008

As regular readers of this blog will know, I have been keeping a close eye on the number of Facebook users in the Top 10 countries (or now more like top 12!) for over a year now. In that time, we’ve seen the number of active users go from around 21 million members in the US to 39 million today …

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1 December 2008

Social Networking to give you Power.

Social Networking has been a revolutionary international breakthrough, where I can have and meet people from all over the world on a multitude of social platforms. Some examples of this include Myspace, Facebook, Hi5 and many more. The question comes to mind: "What if I could implement a way of getting all these social networks in one place?". Power.com takes …

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25 November 2008

Facebook awarded $873 million in spam case

After a legal proceeding that lasted four months, Judge Jeremy Fogel awarded Facebook $873 million in damages against Adam Guerbuez and Atlantis Blue Capital. The Canadian has been sending dodgy spam messages to Facebook users. This is the biggest judgment in history for an action under the CAN-SPAM act. Facebook does not expect to quickly collect $873 million and share …

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