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Aussie bankers using twitter to help customers

31 March 2009 | Henry Elliss

As Head of Social Media here at Tamar, I love to see examples of brands who are embracing Social Media – especially ones in less 'glamorous' industries like banking or finance. It doesn't happen often [...]

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Adopt-a-blog #35 – Crooks and Liars

27 March 2009 | Alex Christie

Crooksandliars, according to the banners on it, was 2009 Winner of's best blog award and less recently the Weblog Award winner in 2005. This is a true veteran blog, first launched in 2004 and [...]

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Adopt-a-blog #34 – Mashable

26 March 2009 | Alex Christie

I’ve spent over 10 years working in the technology world and therefore reckon I must have shared an enormous amount of time with people partial to a bit of blogging every now and then. However, [...]

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Twitter in Primary School!

26 March 2009 | Alex Christie

Twitter is to be taught in primary schools in Britain as part of an effort to make online communication and social media part of the UK’s education system. Other additions to the education system include [...]

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Tamar @ Econsultancy Digital Cream

26 March 2009 | Henry Elliss

A week or so ago I attended the Econsultancy 'Digital Cream' event here in London, where we were sponsoring the Social Media table. It was a great event, which you can find out more about [...]

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Facebook responds to redesign feedback

25 March 2009 | Alex Christie

Facebook recently had a redesign to it's homepage which resulted in quite a few unhappy users. Yesterday Facebook decided to respond with a lengthy blog post which explains how they make product decisions. In the [...]

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“I’m sorry John – it’s Twitter or me!”

24 March 2009 | Henry Elliss

Anybody who has tried juggling a demanding relationship with an addiction to social networking will know that it can be hard to balance your online time with your loved-one time… Well, according to the Telegraph, and [...]

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Adopt-a-blog #33 – Catwalk Queen

17 March 2009 | Simran Nanda

I believe it is quite essential in our day to day lives to pay attention to the way we dress up and keep up with the changing world of fashion. In today's day and age [...]

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WeFollow – New Twitter Directory

17 March 2009 | Alex Christie

There's only been one thing I've not enjoyed about Twitter. And that’s the fact that you can't search for users as you would with Facebook. Digg creator Kevin Rose has answered this need by creating [...]

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Social media wars: TweetDeck now on Facebook

16 March 2009 | Annie Wakefield

Two of the biggest social media sites are now available on one site: You can now add TweetDeck to the growing army of apps that are joining Facebook Connect. Tweetdeck alone accounts of about 13 [...]