28 January 2009

Twitter Time

Now is the time to be Mirco Blogging. All I keep hearing at the moment is Twitter this, Facebook that. Or as John Prescott referred to it "The Facebook" when praising the site and commenting on how he's never had so many friends in his life. Everyone is at it, from Steven Fry to Andy Murray. How can we be …

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27 January 2009

Pope embraces YouTube

Pope Benedict XVI and the Holy See have embraced the digital world this week. Traditionally the Catholic Church has been very hesitant to change the old ways, well all that has changed. Under Pope Benedicts instructions the church is reaching out to new audiences and the Vatican has opened up a YouTube channel. Hear the words of Father Lombardi, he …

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26 January 2009

Adopt-a-blog #12 Avinash Kaushik

Being relatively new to the web analytics world myself, it seems somewhat of an injustice for me to pass comment on arguably the world’s foremost web analyst practitioner’s blogs. The writer of Occams Razor,  Avinash Kaushik has for years now authored books, held conferences and offered advice about the intriguing subject of web analytics. The content of the blog delves …

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23 January 2009

Adopt-a-blog #11 Ricky Gervais

Working in an office, I have always loved Ricky Gervais's brand of skin crawling-unbearable-cringe- comedy. There are just so many cliches in and around the work environment, its difficult not to draw parallels with the UK and US hit, The Office. Its the same with the hugely successful Extras, so cringeworthy its the only thing aside The Strangers that I …

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22 January 2009

Obama not allowed on Facebook – sent to naughty step?

According to the good folks over at the Washington Post, Obama and his team have been moving in to the White House in the past couple of days and have been met by some technological set-backs… Whilst things aren't as bad as they were for Team Bush back in 2001 – if you remember back that far, you will recall …

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22 January 2009

Adopt-a-blog #10 Thinkprogress,

According to Wikipedia, the Thinkprogress website is “a nonpartisan research and educational institute dedicated to promoting a strong, just and free America that ensures opportunity for all.”.  It is funded and run by the Centre for American Progress, which is a liberal political policy research and advocacy organisation.   Checking the website for myself, I found blogs divided into categories …

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21 January 2009

Adopt-a-blog #9 Boing Boing

It has been nearly 3 years since I have started reading Boing Boing and I am perfectly happy to watch a few more go by while I continue to read it.  I was forwarded a story that featured on the blog, and since then I have been pretty much hooked into the varied stories and insights offered on a daily …

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20 January 2009

CNN and Facebook – watching the world watch Obama

On a day with the occurance of such a significant world event, the inauguration of such a key new US President, it seems world news and social networks have combined to provide us with a brilliant tool to watch the events unfold, and keep up with your friends and the worlds thoughts at the same time. CNN and Facebook have …

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19 January 2009

Adopt-a-blog #8 A List Apart

In this post I will be reviewing the blog A List Apart, from my own perspective.  This is a blog mainly dedicated to the "people the make websites" and is filled to the brim with different stylesheets and little bits of information that will make the world of web design a little easier to grasp. Pro's: The A List is …

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16 January 2009

Watch Tamar TV via your PS3 or Wii

YouTube, Google's long beared bain of a problem child (the one that just wont grow up, leave home and start making some money) seems to be coming on leaps and bounds week on week. We've had recent developments for its advertising products and abilites, its much debated plunge into widescreen format, and now we see the introduction of YouTube TV. …

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