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React and attract – Ignore and lose rapport

2 June 2009 | Alex Christie

Are you working for a company that is not tracking conversations and feedback about your brand online? Does your business have the agility to react to the opinions of your customers? In my recent experience, [...]

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Flocking Sociable

2 June 2009 | Alex Christie

For those of you that can empathise with me as I enjoy a bit of tittle-tattle with my neighbour over the garden fence, welcome to Flock. Whilst this may conjure images of Robert De Niro [...]

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MySpace adds profile designer… at last

26 May 2009 | Henry Elliss

In a move which could be seen as closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, MySpace are publicising their brand new “Profiles 2.0″ this week, which allows users to choose from a massive [...]

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Social Media – Pressing delete on personal privacy

21 May 2009 | Alex Christie

Social media concerns me. Despite being a regular user of Facebook and Twitter I am very conscious of the long term implications these tools have for individuals personal privacy. As an example, if an individual [...]

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CMS – The Secret of My Success

18 May 2009 | Alex Christie

I quite often get asked by clients where they should be spending their limited design/build budget and my answer is nearly always the same. Get a good CMS.  A well implemented CMS will pay for [...]

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Wolfram Alpha – C3PO… but with less personality

18 May 2009 | Henry Elliss

Will the new scientific search engine change the way we search for things? Unless you’ve been living under a large rock for the past few weeks (online), you’ll have noticed the increasing hype around the [...]

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The Censorship Bill

13 May 2009 | Alex Christie

A new cyber-bullying bill, aimed to punish those who intend to cause harm through electronic mediums, could turn us all into criminals. The bill, HR 1966 introduced by US Representative Linda Sanchez, is being proposed [...]

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Twitter FAIL – @replies and support

13 May 2009 | Henry Elliss

Twitter is a-buzz this morning with reactions to the news that Twitter have updated their system to change the way you see replies. Specifically, it affects the way you see replies from people that you [...]

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Apple Shampoo and the pitfalls of realtime trend data

11 May 2009 | Alex Christie

Trends are in their essence, very trendy and the old saying spreading like wildfire is an understatement for this new monster that I have dubbed – The New Social Web. News is spreading faster and [...]

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Ten top tips for twittering… Celebs

8 May 2009 | Henry Elliss

Recently I’ve been struck by the disparity in the way different celebrities are “utilising” Twitter, and how different the results can be for them when they do. Whilst some commentators would have you believe that [...]