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Twitter launching commercial accounts – but with what?

24 November 2009 | Henry Elliss

… As is being reported online this week, Twitter founder Biz Stone has told the BBC that the micro-blogging site will be rolling out paid-for commercial accounts from next year. But before you tweeting brands […]

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Google, Microsoft, Newscorp – whose news is it anyway?

23 November 2009 | Henry Elliss

Another day, another chapter in the exciting story of Newscorp vs Google – summarised nicely by Neil in his post “Do no evil? Now who is playing dirty?” – so I won’t go over the […]

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The trouble with (Twitter) lists…

20 November 2009 | Henry Elliss

… Considering my recent post “Trusting you life to digital – am I paranoid?” and the response it got (in a nutshell – yes, I am being paranoid!) it may come as no surprise to […]

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Stay safe while using social networks

18 November 2009 | Henry Elliss

If you listen to BBC Radio 1 at all, you will probably be aware that they’re running a campaign this week called “Bullyproof“, to tie in with national Anti-bullying week here in the UK. As […]

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Are marketing agencies practising what they preach?

16 November 2009 | Henry Elliss

There’s a very interesting report out this week from US “Agency Client Relationship Experts” (!) RSW/US, looking at a number of changes to the way marketing agencies are getting new business in the current climate. […]

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IAB Engage: Competing with the niche – can big brands ‘micro focus’?

13 November 2009 | Alex Christie

This week, I had the pleasure of attending the 5th IAB Engage conference, billed as ‘Get Fit Be Happy’. Whilst this message of health and fitness is really intended for brands, customer engagement and the […]

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The man who knows everything about everything

13 November 2009 | Tanya Goodin

As many of you have likely heard, the venerable Stephen Fry brought down the house at the IAB Engage Conference on Wednesday. I was lucky enough to be in the audience for his ‘fireside’ chat […]

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Support Twitter silence on Remembrance Day

9 November 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Image by simonkimber via Londonist Last month, Twitter demonstrated again that it could mobilize the masses to support a good cause – tweeters worldwide helped the US-based #beatcancer campaign raise $70,000 for four cancer charities […]

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Twitter Listomania

30 October 2009 | Milly Diaz

Yesterday was a good day! In addition to another fine edition of London Cozytweetup, Twitter gifted me with the ability to create lists! I’m no longer part of the uncool, list-less tweople. As I started […]

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Facebook War Declaration

30 October 2009 | Milly Diaz

Last year, I donated to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. That act landed me on the U.S. Democrats’ email mailing list. Yesterday, I received an email with the subject line, Sarah Palin’s Facebook Lies. I usually […]