30 July 2009

All’s a Twitter at Whitehall

Earlier this week, a 20-page report detailing a template Twitter strategy for government departments went public. Read the report in its entirety right here. For any Twitter newbie, the ‘Twitter Overview’ section and its related appendices are a worthwhile read. The how to’s and why’s are on target and clearly explained. My mother is inevitably going to ask me to …

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29 July 2009

Social networking phenomenon

Whilst we may challenge and debate the stats, the latest global social media trends should, at the very least, encourage marketers to begin the conversation with their Social Media partners, and importantly, their customers. UM’s fourth ‘Power to the People’ social media study claims that 63% of active internet users (consumers who go online once a day, or every other …

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23 July 2009

That is Twice

As if we did not know already, Twitter is fast creaping into every corner of society and I have three examples of this inexorible spread today. 1.  Probably the least surprising is the plethora of Twitter tools available for Firefox – “the faster, smarter way to surf the Web”. These include TwitterBar and TwitterFox, but the one that I find …

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20 July 2009

Health mash-up is hypochondriac heaven

Anybody who works with me can tell you that I’m a bit of a closet mash-up fan on the quiet – the use of two different types of technology for one much cooler purpose is brilliant to me – and the “HealthMap – Global Disease Alert” site is no exception. All credit for the discovery of this site (by me …

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16 July 2009

Turkey rockets past Canada to be Facebook No. 3

As you will know if you’re a regular reader of the Tamar blog, I like to keep an eye on how Facebook is doing around the world, with my occassional “Top 10 Facebook-using countries” posts. I should point out that I’d dearly *love* to be doing this for some of the other big social media sites too, but as it …

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7 July 2009

How is Twitter coping with trend spam?

The problem of “trend spam” has been raising it’s ugly head more and more lately. For those of you who aren’t as geeky about Twitter as I am, here’s what trend spam is in a nutshell: Twitter’s trending topics list is a top 10 list of things people are discussing on Twitter at any one time, ranked according to activity. Until very recently it didn’t raise a lot of people’s ire, and served as quite a useful way of not only picking up on global events (Michael Jackson’s death was probably revealed to a lot of people via the trends, for instance) but also a great way for some of the comedy elements of Twitter to spread and grow.

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2 July 2009

Activate 2009 – Part 1

Activate 2009 is the first exclusive one-day summit providing a unique gathering of leaders working across all sectors of industry. The main objective – to get a discussion started (right now) sharing, debating and creating strategies for answering some of the world’s biggest questions. Due to Activate 2009 being so rich in discussion and prognosis I’ve decided to release this …

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1 July 2009

Get rich or die trying

I think the above sentiment is particularly apt when looking into the ever evolving world of social media. Calculating the ROI companies are likely to receive as a result of partaking in some form of social media is a tricky business: for some, particularly the PPC evangelists will wax lyrical about the importance of quantifiable click through rates, others are …

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1 July 2009

Changes to Twitter welcomed by users

If only Facebook were so keen to keep their users happy! Twitter unveiled some snazzy new additions to their site today, in the form of an improved experience for browsing your followers / friends list. The new feature gives you a lot more options when browsing these lists (an essential task when trying to find interesting people to follow), including …

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30 June 2009

Finding your target market online: Facebook

When it comes to online marketing, social networking is without a doubt on the up and up. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others can help you to boost the size of your mailing list and also help you to grow your business. An important aspect of online marketing is visibility, and what better way to increase your online visibility than by …

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