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Foursquare’s Whoops!: We’ve Seen it Before and We’ll Probably See it Again

29 March 2010 | Milly Diaz

On Friday, Foursquare found itself red in the face when it was revealed that the company forgot to renew its domain name ownership.  People who tried to access on Friday and Saturday were re-directed […]

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Innovation is NOT Dead

25 March 2010 | Alex Christie

Twitter. Facebook. Digg. Gowalla. Flickr. Buzz… There’s an ever-growing list of platforms which businesses can tap into and create a profitable online social media presence. Many companies have already jumped on these opportunities, building creative […]

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Twenty iPhone applications we really love

23 March 2010 | Henry Elliss

As a recent convert to the world of iPhone loveliness, I have found myself spending a lot of time reviewing and playing with iPhone applications. Being a bit of a social media nerd, I’m doubly […]

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The Oldies Got the Teens Wrong Again

22 March 2010 | Milly Diaz

UK teens are getting a much-needed lesson in privacy through a language they understand – gaming. As some of you know via my previous blog posts, I think a lot of ‘kids’ these days fail […]

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Tamar at the Social Media World Forum 2010

16 March 2010 | Alex Christie

Yesterday, I visited SMWF and enjoyed a full day at the event. I spent my time attending the workshops which were focused on exploring social media and provided a holistic overview of the field. Presenters […]

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Twitter, Twitter, everywhere…

16 March 2010 | Annie Wakefield

The founder of  Twitter has announced another new feature to be added to the popular social media platform. In a low key session at the SXSW event this week, Evan Williams explained how @Anywhere has […]

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Searchers are blind to Real Time Search

16 March 2010 | Alex Christie

At the end of 2009 Google launched real time search results to show Google users updates as they were happening around the web. This pretty much meant crawling Twitter and displaying the tweets from trending […]

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The Importance of Early Innovation

10 March 2010 | Alex Christie

Apple vs Sony Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece on Sony’s upcoming products which are posed to challenge Apple’s beloved iPhone and the “revolutionary” iPad.  The article explained that while Sony had a […]

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The Googlization of Twitter

8 March 2010 | Milly Diaz

The Wall Street Journal revealed more details about Twitter’s monetisation plans. According to insiders, Twitter will be launching ‘Google-style’ sponsored ads around its search results. Brands have expressed mixed feelings about the news. According to […]

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Advertising + Social Media = ♥

2 March 2010 | Alex Christie

Hot on the heels of the rumours about Twitter’s advertising platform, – a social news aggregator – has provided a performance update on its innovative advertising model. Several months ago, Digg wowed the world […]