11 September 2009

Is Twitter more use to brands than Facebook?

Just over a year ago all the big brands were popping up on Facebook.  Creating games, competitions or other methods of engagement and then proudly showing how many fans they had gained. With Twitter becoming increasingly popular this year, I’m definitely leaning towards Twitter being more value to our clients when pushing a campaign. The more random people I follow …

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9 September 2009

How to get 400 million backlinks in only 3 years

If you are on the Internet these days, you will have seen the now famous social bookmarking icons, they weren’t so famous 3 years ago when AddThis started. If you have seen the buttons below, the chances are that a little piece of code from AddThis is responsible for the icons. What i did not realise was quite how popular …

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4 September 2009

Here come the teens… A teenager speaks

This week at Tamar we’ve been lucky enough to host a work experience person, in the shape of one Rachel Hosie. Rachel has been working with the Social Media team, helping us with some data gathering and doing some top-secret research. But one of the things that we spent some time looking at was the Morgan Stanley teenage report from …

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21 August 2009

The evolution of YouTube as a search engine

In May, to continue the trend of major names giving themselves subtle summer makeovers(see Twitter’s login facelift), YouTube expanded their search bar and removed their ‘home’, ‘videos’, ‘channels’, ‘community’ tab-style layout in favour or a more search-oriented design. This further establishes YouTube’s status as the internet’s 2nd most popular search, surpassing Bing, Yahoo and the other search engine also-rans. The …

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19 August 2009

The Race to 1 Billion – Facebook UK hits 20m

About a month ago, TechCrunch leaked some internal Twitter papers and the expose revealed Biz Stone and co.’s dreamworld projection of 1 billion tweeters by 2013. Love the ‘blue sky’ thinking, Biz! But, I think the 1 billion by 2013 dream is more realistic for Mark Z. and the Facebook crew. They’re already a quarter of the way there! To …

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7 August 2009

Twitter Meltdown

I’m a self-cofessed Twitter addict and its two hour downtime on Thursday was painful. In my time of distress, I turned to Google and did a search to find some answers. I was elated to find out that yes, indeed, Twitter was down (I wasn’t the only one suffering!), but at the same time crushed to discover that folks at …

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6 August 2009

Social networking: It’s just, like, so not cool anymore

A recent report by a regulator for the UK communications industries, Ofcom, shows a 5% drop in 15 to 24-year-olds using social networking sites and it’s not only their parents, uncles, aunts and teachers joining up which is scaring them off: it’s the number of 25- to 34-year-olds whose presence is driving their younger peers away. According to the regulator, …

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