14 December 2009

Do not misunderestimate the power of words

It is a bad idea to misunderestimate the power of the interwebs. This past year the world cheered to Obamamania, suffered a financial tsunami, saw the rise of zombie banks and recessionista’s, and decided to start paying more attention to green washing and e-vampires. We saw the rise (and fall) of wonderstars like Susan Boyle (who also topped 100 million …

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8 December 2009

It’s time to get social

As you’ve probably heard, on Monday Google announced that real-time search has arrived. Real-time results are being “rolled-out” gradually over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for them next time you do a search. Real-time searches will appear in a “latest results” box on the SERP. Live streaming content is pulled in from blogs, forums, social bookmarking …

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2 December 2009

Twitter making room for adverts?

If you’ve logged on to the Twitter website recently (an act which must be decreasing in popularity as more and more apps come onboard) you might have noticed a space at the bottom, under the “more” button – a space which has only recently appeared, and would seem like an IDEAL space for a banner advert or two…? It’s currently …

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2 December 2009

Privacy prevails on Facebook

In an open letter issued last night on the official Facebook blog, founder Mark Zuckerberg spelled the end to networks on the world’s most popular social network for the sake of privacy. Zuckerberg also announced that users will have more control over who sees each individual piece of content created and uploaded on to the site. As the networks are …

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25 November 2009

Love without borders

Given the prevalence of social networking sites and MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) communities, it is not surprising that there are people falling in love. Dating sites have been around for as long as the @ symbol has made sense to anybody, enabling people to enjoy the benefits of a relationship without the added pressure that sex and constant companionship brings. I …

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24 November 2009

Twitter launching commercial accounts – but with what?

… As is being reported online this week, Twitter founder Biz Stone has told the BBC that the micro-blogging site will be rolling out paid-for commercial accounts from next year. But before you tweeting brands start to get worried, you needn’t – these changes won’t mean that brands and companies HAVE to pay to be on Twitter, just that there …

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23 November 2009

Google, Microsoft, Newscorp – whose news is it anyway?

Another day, another chapter in the exciting story of Newscorp vs Google – summarised nicely by Neil in his post “Do no evil? Now who is playing dirty?” – so I won’t go over the details again here. Apart from the obvious arguements of who is right and wrong, who is stealing whose revenues and what is best for the …

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20 November 2009

The trouble with (Twitter) lists…

… Considering my recent post “Trusting you life to digital – am I paranoid?” and the response it got (in a nutshell – yes, I am being paranoid!) it may come as no surprise to you that Twitter‘s recent roll-out of their new “lists” functionality has got my paranoia radar spinning – but I’m finding it hard to figure out …

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18 November 2009

Stay safe while using social networks

If you listen to BBC Radio 1 at all, you will probably be aware that they’re running a campaign this week called “Bullyproof“, to tie in with national Anti-bullying week here in the UK. As well as some great advice for kids, one of the features on the site is actually very relevant to a much wider audiences – so …

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16 November 2009

Are marketing agencies practising what they preach?

There’s a very interesting report out this week from US “Agency Client Relationship Experts” (!) RSW/US, looking at a number of changes to the way marketing agencies are getting new business in the current climate. I won’t go in to the nuts and bolts of the report here (you can download the whole thing here if you’re interested) but there …

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