12 April 2010

7 more Facebook tips you may not know

A couple of years ago I wrote a post on this blog called “9 Facebook Tips That You Might Not Know” – a reasonably in-depth but by no-means exhaustive list of some useful how-to’s for getting by on Facebook. I didn’t realise quite how useful it would prove at the time, but even now it still gets dozens of hits …

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12 April 2010

Facebook panic button meeting with CEOP in Washington

Facebook executives are set to meet with the head of a British child protection agency in Washington, to discuss the safety of the younger members of the social networking site. Facebook has come under fire recently from the Child Explotation and Online Protection agency after Ashleigh Hall, 17, was raped and murdered by a man she met using the social …

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8 April 2010

Marketing with Chatroulette

One of the hottest new online destinations is Chatroulette, a website which randomly connects users with other visitors for a random video chatting experience. Chatroulette is largely uncensored and while there’s an age requirement of 16, there’s no real enforcement of the rule. The website’s anonymity features have made it extremely popular and fun. It’s no Twitter, but traffic has …

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7 April 2010

Facebook’s Latest Statistics

Facebook recently released some statistics about their social networking platform, and some of the numbers released paint a very vivid picture of how influential the site is. It is no longer just another website, but now a major factor in the way we communicate online. There are now over 400 million active Facebook users, with 50% of those logging in …

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6 April 2010

Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat

I am quite a nut about protecting my privacy on the ‘internets’ but boy do I love ‘playing’ Foursquare and Gowalla (yes, I am active on both). I finally read something this weekend that helped me make sense of the incompatibility of the two things. Media journalist Jemima Kiss writes, “It’s safe to assume that most of the few hundred …

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29 March 2010

Foursquare’s Whoops!: We’ve Seen it Before and We’ll Probably See it Again

On Friday, Foursquare found itself red in the face when it was revealed that the company forgot to renew its domain name ownership.  People who tried to access www.foursquare.com on Friday and Saturday were re-directed to a GoDaddy holding page while the issue was sorted. Luckily for Foursquare, it didn’t lose the domain name as the oversight was detected and …

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25 March 2010

Innovation is NOT Dead

Twitter. Facebook. Digg. Gowalla. Flickr. Buzz… There’s an ever-growing list of platforms which businesses can tap into and create a profitable online social media presence. Many companies have already jumped on these opportunities, building creative strategies to engage online communities. Some have misread the current environment incorrectly, believing that the social media creative market is over-saturated. You don’t hear of …

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23 March 2010

Twenty iPhone applications we really love

As a recent convert to the world of iPhone loveliness, I have found myself spending a lot of time reviewing and playing with iPhone applications. Being a bit of a social media nerd, I’m doubly intrigued by how people are using the iPhone’s capabilities to facilitate interactions – after all, an iPhone app is all fine and dandy, but if …

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22 March 2010

The Oldies Got the Teens Wrong Again

UK teens are getting a much-needed lesson in privacy through a language they understand – gaming. As some of you know via my previous blog posts, I think a lot of ‘kids’ these days fail to take privacy seriously enough. So, I was quite pleased to come across an article this weekend about the SXSW award-winning online game, Smokescreen, that …

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16 March 2010

Tamar at the Social Media World Forum 2010

Yesterday, I visited SMWF and enjoyed a full day at the event. I spent my time attending the workshops which were focused on exploring social media and provided a holistic overview of the field. Presenters I saw included folks from the Facebook Developer Garage, representatives from LinkedIn, and experts from other social media agencies. All in all, the event was …

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