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Inside Google +

1 July 2011 | Annie Wakefield

Google’s new social network “Google +” launched on Tuesday, and I was fortunate to receive an invite. Thought leaders in the digital space are disenchanted with Facebook (advertising, monitoring your every digital move, bells & [...]

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Google Plus

30 June 2011 | Annie Wakefield

A while back I blogged about Goggle’s newest foray into Social Media with the Google +1, now it seems Google have taken another step at cracking social media and Facebook with the release of Google [...]

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Facebook may plateau, but the fat lady has forgotten her lines…

23 June 2011 | Henry Elliss

Ever since Facebook arrived on the scene, people have been gunning for it to fail. I remember back in 2007 being asked by somebody from one of the major newspapers: “Facebook seems to be done [...]

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Facebook face recognition – invasion of privacy?

13 June 2011 | Annie Wakefield

The first social network I ever joined was Hi5. I don’t really know why I started using it but to be honest I only used it for a year or less. However, a few months [...]

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France crusades against Facebook and Twitter – but no sign of Google

7 June 2011 | Henry Elliss

In a typically Gallic move, the French authorities this week have announced new regulations to outlaw the mentioning of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as part of TV broadcasts – unless they are [...]

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The social media voice and THAT Footballer

24 May 2011 | Annie Wakefield

he Arab world utilised twitter to move millions to demonstrations for freedom; now, here in the UK, we have a peculiar variation of twitter being used for free speech.

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Reflections on SMX Advanced

20 May 2011 | Annie Wakefield

Earlier this week I attended SMX Advanced here in London. I always find these events insightful, a few speakers and sessions typically stand out as brilliant. In the same breath, I must say I’m a [...]

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Bing utilising Facebook data to break Google’s dominance in Search

19 May 2011 | Annie Wakefield

In October last year, Bing took its first steps into the world of ‘social searching’ when it began displaying search results that included Facebook ‘Like’ data.  An expansion incorporating Facebook data into its search engine [...]

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Facebook brand tagging is a sign of things to come

13 May 2011 | Henry Elliss

Facebook announced this week that it is now allowing users to tag brands in photos, in the same way they’d tag a friend or family member. Currently limited to “Brands and Products” or “People” pages [...]

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Bin Laden death highlights clash between new and old journalism

6 May 2011 | Annie Wakefield

Unfortunately, Kate and Will’s glory did not last for too long in the news. Their popularity was ‘stolen’ by Osama bin Laden only two days after the ‘wedding of the decade’. For the online industry [...]