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Statistics, big data and neutral mathematical models are the big winners of #Election2012

7 November 2012 | Tanya Goodin

After months of anticipation, over 31 million tweets, one million votes and weeks of campaigning, Barack Obama, beat Romney (did we ever doubt it?) to be re-elected US President for four more years. No surprise [...]

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Will social media votes count in #Election2012?

6 November 2012 | Tanya Goodin

Later today, November 6th 2012,  we will finally find out if social media has predicted the outcome of the 2012 US Presidential election, dubbed by many the ‘Twitter election’.  Obama had a much trumpeted social [...]

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How to Successfully Use Social Media For Sales

5 November 2012 | Lily Shanahan

Recent research has highlighted the fact that consumers are more likely than ever before to opt for the ease of online shopping, over bricks and mortar stores. With social media predicted to bring in high [...]

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Facebook Trial New Timeline Format

2 November 2012 | Lily Shanahan

Facebook evidently likes to try and keep things looking fresh! Although the original timeline format was met with mixed reactions, marketers in general seemed to *like* the new format. Facebook is mixing it up, again, [...]

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Online vs. Bricks and Mortar Shopping

1 November 2012 | Lily Shanahan

New research from Tealeaf has shown that consumers are more likely than ever before to choose the ease of online shopping, over bricks and mortar stores. Out of 2,071 adults, 83% choose to use online [...]

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Tamar and our CEO are placed at the heart of social media London community, according to new map

24 October 2012 | Andrew Mobbs

It’s official – Tamar and our CEO Tanya Goodin are right at the centre of the social media community in London, as depicted on GigaPan’s social media London map, which shows visually the connections between [...]

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‘Like’ and ‘Star’, being tested on Twitter instead of ‘Favourite’!

23 October 2012 | Lily Shanahan

Since very early on in the introduction of Twitter, the ‘Favourite’ button has been available to users. The popular ‘Favourite’ feature has been used on Twitter billions of times. This May, tweets were redesigned to [...]

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The EU calls for Google privacy changes, amid concerns over personal data collection

16 October 2012 | Lily Shanahan

In a move which may pave the way for a raft of privacy complaints, the EU has called for Google to change the way it collects personal data to allay user privacy concerns. Google is [...]

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8 million concurrent YouTube views for the man who jumped out of space

15 October 2012 | Lily Shanahan

If you thought you had a hectic weekend, think again! Yesterday, Felix Baumgartner of Austria, became the first man to the break sound barrier and shatter all records by doing a free-fall jump from the [...]

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Marketeers Take Heed! Google Update Their Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

4 October 2012 | Aqil Rouf

  Earlier this week, Google announced that they had updated their Webmaster Quality Guidelines (or SEO Bible, as it is colloquially known). While their core message, “focus on the user”, remains unchanged, the overseers of [...]