25 January 2013

Analyse, see and do more with Wolfram|Alpha’s Personal Analytics for Facebook

Computational knowledge engine, Wolfram|Alpha has access to a plethora of real-world data and can now combine that data with your Facebook profile to tell you interesting things you might not otherwise know – thanks to the latest upgrade of ‘Personal Analytics for Facebook’ report generator. ­A user’s Facebook history is a goldmine of rich data and Wolfram|Alpha is using its …

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17 January 2013

Facebook ‘Graph Search’ – Significance to SEO

As discussed in yesterday’s post, Facebook revealed ‘Graph Search’ – an intuitive internal search engine. In its simplistic form, ‘Graph Search’ allows users to search through Facebook, returning results on anything from friend’s recommendations on restaurants to photos of co-workers. The search takes full advantage of the information it receives from check-ins and activities from its users, giving it a …

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16 January 2013

Facebook’s Internal Search Engine – Introducing ‘Graph Search’

For those of you who have been following our blog, you will know that just over a month ago, Tamar’s CEO, Tanya Goodin, predicted that Facebook would unveil its own search engine. Yesterday, at the social network’s Menlo Park headquarters, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, announced ‘Graph Search’ – an intuitive internal search engine that allows users …

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12 December 2012

See Your 2012 Year Review with Facebook

Today, Facebook has rolled out the opportunity to see your *biggest* 20 moments on Facebook from this year. As well as the top 20 moments, from *your life on Facebook*,  it shows a selection of photos, how many friends you’ve made this year and how many pages you’ve liked. It has also selected your biggest Facebook photo albums, along with a selection of other …

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21 November 2012

Pinterest Launch New Accounts for Businesses!

Pinterest have launched business accounts. The image-centric social network wants to help more businesses provide great content on their platform and make it easy to pin from their websites. These accounts feature new tools and resources specifically for professionals, such as brands, small businesses, and bloggers. This initiative aims to bring in more brands to the website. Ultimately, Pinterest want businesses to get …

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14 November 2012

Facebook launches couples pages!

We bet you were lying in bed recently thinking “I know what is really lacking from our relationship…a couples page on Facebook!” The chance to share all those ‘precious moments’, photos, posts, comments, and to be able to access it forever… We can hear thoughts of “I would just love to be able to take a virtual tour of my love …

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13 November 2012

Twitter has Plans to Introduce Instagram-Style Photo Filters

It’s hardly a surprise, to hear rumours, via New York Times, that Twitter would prefer it if users stayed on their platform, rather than using increasingly popular Facebook-owned Instagram, which is currently the booming photo publishing and filtering service of choice. There has of course, always been a concern that Twitter may stop allowing Instagram to post to it, or that …

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7 November 2012

Statistics, big data and neutral mathematical models are the big winners of #Election2012

After months of anticipation, over 31 million tweets, one million votes and weeks of campaigning, Barack Obama, beat Romney (did we ever doubt it?) to be re-elected US President for four more years. No surprise for this ‘Twitter election’, as the results were announced, the tweet stream went into frenzy, hitting a peak of 327,452 Tweets per minute. What did …

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6 November 2012

Will social media votes count in #Election2012?

Later today, November 6th 2012,  we will finally find out if social media has predicted the outcome of the 2012 US Presidential election, dubbed by many the ‘Twitter election’.  Obama had a much trumpeted social media presence back in his 2008 election campaign, but this is the first election where both candidates have had very active presences, and a clear …

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5 November 2012

How to Successfully Use Social Media For Sales

Recent research has highlighted the fact that consumers are more likely than ever before to opt for the ease of online shopping, over bricks and mortar stores. With social media predicted to bring in high levels of revenue by 2015, it would seem to indicate that sales teams and social media managers need to work closely together in order to …

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