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Superbowl – The effect for Twitter and Brands

4 February 2013 | Lily Shanahan

We weren’t just looking for sporting wins in yesterday’s 2013 Super Bowl! Our eyes were on Twitter. The 2012 Super Bowl created an average of over 10,000 tweets per second and peaked at an outstanding […]

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TWIST -The Week In Social/Search from Tamar 28th January- 1st February 2013

4 February 2013 | Lily Shanahan

We published two blogs in the last week. If you didn’t get a chance to read them when they first went live, you can take a look at them now. 1. Twitter – Fastest growing platform on […]

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The Tamar Team’s Twitter Take-over!

31 January 2013 | Christine Andres

There’s nothing wrong with encouraging a bit of enjoyable competitiveness, which is why every day until next Friday 8th February (weekends not included), a member of the Tamar team is given the exciting challenge of […]

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Twitter – Fastest growing Social Platform on the planet

31 January 2013 | Lily Shanahan

Twitter’s number of active users grew 40% from Q2 to Q4 of 2012 – according to ‘Global Web Index’ this is equal to 288 million active users. (Active users are defined as those who have […]

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TWIST | Tamar | The Week In Social/Search from Tamar 21st – 25th January 2013

28 January 2013 | Lily Shanahan

We published two blogs in the last seven days. If you didn’t get a chance to read them, then you can check them out now: 1. Analyse, see and do more with Wolfram|Alpha’s Personal Analytics […]

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Twitter introduces Vine

25 January 2013 | Lily Shanahan

Twitter enables you to share your thoughts, your feelings, your opinions, your edited-photos and now your videos. Well – provided they’re 6 seconds! Twitter has just introduced ‘Vine’, a service that allows you to create […]

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Analyse, see and do more with Wolfram|Alpha’s Personal Analytics for Facebook

25 January 2013 | Christine Andres

Computational knowledge engine, Wolfram|Alpha has access to a plethora of real-world data and can now combine that data with your Facebook profile to tell you interesting things you might not otherwise know – thanks to […]

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Facebook ‘Graph Search’ – Significance to SEO

17 January 2013 | Siobhan Swainston

As discussed in yesterday’s post, Facebook revealed ‘Graph Search’ – an intuitive internal search engine. In its simplistic form, ‘Graph Search’ allows users to search through Facebook, returning results on anything from friend’s recommendations on […]

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Facebook’s Internal Search Engine – Introducing ‘Graph Search’

16 January 2013 | Aqil Rouf

For those of you who have been following our blog, you will know that just over a month ago, Tamar’s CEO, Tanya Goodin, predicted that Facebook would unveil its own search engine. Yesterday, at the […]

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US Sees Twitter and Nielsen Establish Social TV Rating

18 December 2012 | Lily Shanahan

A new social reach metric for Social TV and analytics has been announced in the US by Nielsen. During a year where second screen viewing has become even more popular, this is a significant move […]