24 June 2016

Dolly Days – My life at Tamar Towers #3

Hi again, Last time I shared the memories I have of my first days with my Tamar Towers person. This time I thought you might be interested in my fitness and health routine! Although I’m pretty busy in the office I do like to stick to my morning workout, which mainly involves meeting with my doggy squad and going for a …

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17 June 2016

Five reasons why you should get an office dog

Over the years we’ve had a multitude of dogs in the office, Oli (went for the caretaker and nearly got a red card), Dolly (Mrs Longbody) and the pugs Delilah (little potato) and Colin (big potato). Having a dog around has been a normal part of Tamar life for years, but actually, there is more to having an office dog …

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29 April 2016


Hi, Remember me? Last time I introduced myself and told you all about my day at Tamar Towers. I’ve been up to a lot recently and owe you all an update. But first I’m going to tell you a bit more about me. I’m 2 years old now, time just flies by doesn’t it? I was born on the 26th …

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26 February 2016

Dolly Days – My Life At Tamar Towers #1

Hi, I’m Dolly, I’m a wire haired standard daschund (that means I’m a proper size, not one of those stupid handbag-sized sausage dogs). I’ve wanted to have a GoPro to record my adventures for ages and the team at Tamar finally got the hint. My first video is online here, but first a bit more about me. I love going …

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21 January 2016

Hard work lives on at Vuyani Primary School

There are many things that we are proud of at Tamar, but one of our biggest achievements has to be the difference we made to a very special school in Gugulethu, Cape Town. It’s hard to believe that it was nearly 9 years ago that we all flew over for a week of rewarding hard graft, as we helped build a …

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19 January 2016

Tamar’s 12 Week Internship Programme

Are you looking for the opportunity to work for a digital marketing agency, specialised in search and social, with over 20 years experience? Do you have a passion for the digital space? Are you great at organising? Or do you live your life through a lens? Then we might just have what you are looking for… We are now looking …

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8 January 2016

Tamar’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2015

We had a great year in 2015 and as usual continued to bring you posts on digital news, tips and anything else we thought you might be interested in. In case you missed any of them, we’ve created a list of our 10 most popular posts in chronological order. 10. FACEBOOK ‘FEED PREFERENCES’ – A SOLUTION TO CLUTTERED FEEDS? With Facebook’s …

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4 January 2016

Dogs Of Digital

We don’t hide the fact we’re dog mad.  But, it seems we’re not the only ones, as last year we saw a huge boom in the number of famous pooches to grace our screens. So to help us get through the January blues, we thought it would be a great idea to share our top 15 Dogs of Digital. Narrowing it down …

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7 October 2015

Applying for a Graduate role in Digital Marketing?

We’ve been doing a shed load of interviews recently for Digital Marketing Internships and Graduates and it’s surprising how many candidates are applying for a role in digital, that don’t seem to actually be online. Assuming you know the general rules of CV writing, such as keep things brief and relevant and make sure you’re not applying for a job …

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16 September 2015

10 tips from Be A Better Blogger

In case you missed us talking about it (unlikely), we held our Be A Better Blogger event last night. A big thank you to everyone who came down, especially Adam from Unite Student and Rachel from Handbags & Cupcakes, but if you couldn’t make the event last night, here’s a roundup of the take home messages from the event; 1. Promotion is everything One tip is for every hour …

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