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A year on…my life at Tamar!

26 October 2012 | Oli Booth

For those of you that aren’t privileged enough to know who I am…I’m Oliphant, but everyone calls me Oli. If we haven’t met, you might have heard of me on Twitter or seen me on Instagram…I’m the […]

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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch #17 – Very Tatty Indeed

24 February 2012 | Henry Elliss

This week’s collection of #FAILs includes one particular type which seems to be becoming a social media classic – in the bad sense of course. Namely: Copyright infringement, being discovered by fans and consumers. How […]

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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch – Our favourite FAILs of 2011

23 December 2011 | Henry Elliss

Is it just us, or are marketers a lot more careful around Christmas time? We’ve not seen any really good fails for a week now, apart from a few celebrities making fools of themselves. So, […]

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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch #12 – Words with Flight Attendants

9 December 2011 | Henry Elliss

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, the #fails seem to get better and better – and this week has seen a bumper crop, including the most amusing excuse we’ve even seen for getting […]

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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch #11 – Occupy Jeremy Clarkson’s brain

2 December 2011 | Henry Elliss

This week has been relatively quiet on the #FAIL front – most of the controversy on Twitter has been taken up by one spectacular Marketing #WIN – namely, the controversy Jeremy Clarkson managed to create […]

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

30 November 2011 | Liz Morray

As our office Christmas trees arrive and festive tunes play from our iPod speakers I’m in a Christmassy mood and looking for the best ways to spread some cheer over the next few weeks. Here […]

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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch #10 – “QANTAS! JESUS CHRIST, QANTAS!”

25 November 2011 | Henry Elliss

It’s been a bumper week for funny videos this week. As with a few of the previous issues of FTL, some of them aren’t quite FAILs in the traditional marketing sense, but they’re all so […]

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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch #9 – Dalston Superstars vs Sapient Nitro

18 November 2011 | Henry Elliss

Well, another week has passed by in a blur, and another crop of embarrassing marketing or media fails have revealed their ugly heads. It’s actually been a bumper month for FAILs – when we first […]

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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch #8 – Ashton Kutcher and the dancing shoplifter

11 November 2011 | Henry Elliss

Kutch-in-mouth One of Twitter’s biggest celebrity advocates, Ashton Kutcher, has decided to take a break from the micro-blogging site this week, after he caused uproar with a comment about a US football coach. The offending […]

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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch #6 – Like a Klout round the head…

28 October 2011 | Henry Elliss

It’s been another good week for interesting and funny FAILs online, not just in the world of marketing but on Twitter especially. As usual, we’ve put together ar weekly round-up of some of the best […]