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Joined-up engagement missing along the UK online election trail

25 May 2010 | Tanya Goodin

Now that the election dust has settled, I thought it would be useful to look back over our Political Search Index (PSI) series that we launched last October. The four white papers were certainly a [...]

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HTML 5 and accessibility

5 May 2010 | Alex Christie

I’ve written previously about HTML 5 and the new possibilities that it offers. But how will HTML 5 affect web accessibility? HTML 5 has so far received limited support from the most commonly used browsers, [...]

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Trust principles to alert users to fake websites

5 May 2010 | Sarah Graveling

As specialists in Conversion Design we are continually developing techniques on how to engage with users, encourage trust and increase our clients conversion rates. So with the alarming rise in websites selling fake designer goods, [...]

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Usability best practice, Part 3 – Embedded text links

29 April 2010 | Alex Christie

In this third installment of usability tips I am focusing on embedded links or hyperlinks. The purpose is to show how to use them with usability best practice techniques. Hyperlink styling This section suggests ways [...]

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Should you use CSS3 now?

28 April 2010 | Alex Christie

CSS3 is the next generation of stylesheet due to be rolled out across the web when it is finalised. It has been ongoing since 2002 and is still not completed so when it will be [...]

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Tamar announce the ‘iHOB’ – latest innovation in iPhone app technology

1 April 2010 | Henry Elliss

Have you ever been sat using your mobile phone, perhaps listening to a REALLY long conference call, and noticed how your ear gets really warm? Me too – but far from worrying about this, our [...]

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Improve your ROI with user testing

22 March 2010 | Alex Christie

The focus of conversion design should be to place the user at the centre of your design and to make the user journey as smooth as possible. One of the main ways to achieve this [...]

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I’m livin’ in a box… a CSS grid based box

16 March 2010 | Alex Christie

Following on from a previous post about whitespace and the integral part it plays in design, this post is about the use of grids and the focus on layout options and usability / readability. Grids [...]

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What is Conversion Design?

16 March 2010 | Sarah Graveling

Conversion design or conversion focused design is the collaboration of several different disciplines creating a journey that is considerate of the varied needs and expectations of the user to maximise conversion. When I first started [...]

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The wonderous (and sometimes forgotten) world of white space

1 March 2010 | Alex Christie

For this post the examples are focussed on web design however the points remain true with many other forms of design. For those unfamiliar with the term white space, here is what Wikipedia have to [...]