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Every designer’s best friend

26 February 2008 | Alex Christie

When it comes to designing and building websites, Firefox is every designer’s best friend. With its multitude of essential tools provided via the developer tools add-on, it has enabled designers to build websites more quickly. [...]

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Call to Action / Conversion #7

22 February 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Personas Further to the above a way of exploring this in further detail is creating a persona. This is your generic ‘customer’ which most companies should be able to advise you on. For example, recently [...]

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The 80/20 Rule

21 February 2008 | Alex Christie

The 80/20 rule asserts that approximately 80% of the affects generated by any system are caused by 20% of the variables or elements in that system. For example:80% of a website’s usage involves 20% of [...]

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Call to Action / Conversion #6

20 February 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Personality I’m not talking about the personality of your website, but the personality of your visitors.Since forever, people have determined that we fall into four different temperaments Methodical, Spontaneous, Humanistic and Competitive. Nobody falls into [...]

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Overcoming a creative block

19 February 2008 | Alex Christie

Creative blocks happen to us all and there are many, many different ways to resolve these blocks…Here are some of our suggestions. Why not give them a bash? Try not to set any goals This [...]

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New Shopping Site Launched!

19 February 2008 | Alex Christie

Was surfing around the web the other day as I tend to do, when I came across this great new shopping site from the Netherlands. This is truly something to rival Ikea – and has [...]

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Top 10 dullest tasks a web designer has to do

8 February 2008 | Alex Christie

Writing page lists Checking redirects Producing SEO directories Copy and pasteing content/metadata Fixing CSS bugs Typing up text when it has been given to us as a jpg! Chasing project managers Redoing work developers have [...]

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Why Wireframe?

28 January 2008 | Alex Christie

A wireframe is an industry tool for rapidly prototyping a website. They roughly approximate the layout, content and hierarchy of a web page as well as the relationship between pages. Effectively you are building a [...]

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Call to Action / Conversion #5

17 January 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Contact Us? If the customer has clicked on the Contact Us button then your website hasn’t really done its job. A good website should identify any questions and answer them. If users are frequently asking [...]

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Call to Action / Conversion #4

16 January 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Quick ideas to improve online conversion Ask yourself the following questions from the customers perspective: Can I find the item I’m looking for?Can I find something that interests me? -    Put top sellers on [...]