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All about the detail

11 March 2008 | Alex Christie

While browsing through ‘A list apart,’ a website all designers love, I came across an article based on a topic that is very close to may heart ‘Design is in the detail’. Here is an [...]

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Common web design trends

10 March 2008 | Alex Christie

Some common web design trends seen in 2007 were: The increased use of gradients on pages. Turning flat pages into ones that are more engaging and three-dimensional. The widespread use of large fonts for headers [...]

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Hello China!

5 March 2008 | Sarah Graveling

We’ve recently opened an office in Shanghai and are in the process of introducing Chinese translations to our branding, website etc. I wanted to do some research first to get some tips on how we [...]

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Preparing for a pitch

5 March 2008 | Alex Christie

As a designer part of my job is to help prepare for pitches, here are a few handy hints to help make the process as painless as possible: Don’t leave it until the last minute [...]

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Drag and Drop

3 March 2008 | Alex Christie

What with all this drag and drop functionality on the new BBC homepage, here is a site that uses it with an element of perspective – nice! www.brightbox.co.za – A freelancer based in South Africa

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A very impressive website indeed!

3 March 2008 | Alex Christie

Working as a web designer, I have come across many websites which have made me sit back and say wow! I stumbled across this website called webdesignerwall.com a few weeks ago and every time I [...]

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Usability vs. Flexibility

29 February 2008 | Alex Christie

It is a well-known design principle that the more a product increases it’s flexibility, the less usable it becomes. By trying to offer a wider scope of functionality and utilities a product becomes more complex. [...]

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Is bigger really better…?

28 February 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Not the usual argument I’m afraid.I’m talking about the size that we build websites. We currently build all our sites to 800×600 as best practice and have done for the last 8 years, but recently [...]

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BBC unveils new homepage

28 February 2008 | Alex Christie

So here we have it, the BBC have unveiled their new looking homepage which promises to bring in a lot more Web 2.0 functionality through greater levels of user customization. Scrolling around I cant help [...]

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Is this goodbye to Bobby?

27 February 2008 | Alex Christie

Bobby is a comprehensive web accessibility tool used to aid web designers in creating standard compliant websites with increased accessibility. In May 2005 the Bobby tool made a transition to WebXACT, the Watchfire company incorporated [...]