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SEO vs Usability

15 May 2008 | Alex Christie

While reading an article this morning, I couldn’t help but feel relieved with the fact that we, Tamar, already understand a fundamental factor of optimising websites — when building or redesigning a site, one of [...]

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I hate PowerPoint – Part 1

13 May 2008 | Sarah Graveling

It’s clumsy and very hard to make content look pretty. Generally, the use of drop shadows and fading photographs or photographic backgrounds wouldn’t normally be appreciated on the web or print, but for some reason [...]

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Opera Developer Tools

7 May 2008 | Alex Christie

After the success of FireFox’s Firebug and Web Developer Tools. Opera has recently announced that they too, plan to release web developer tools for their browser. They have named their web developer tools Opera Dragonfly, [...]

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Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design

6 May 2008 | Alex Christie

Ben Shneiderman in Designing the User Interface proposed the following principles for good interaction design. 1 Strive for consistencyConsistent sequences of actions should be required in similar situations;  identical terminology should be used in prompts, [...]

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To build or not to build?

2 May 2008 | Sarah Graveling

This is a reoccurring question that is often discussed amongst web designers, especially when interviewing for new designers at Tamar. Tamar is relatively unique in that we have always employed web designers that can build [...]

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Return of Type

22 April 2008 | Alex Christie

To continue on the theme of text and typography… Last week I visited the University of Portsmouth (where I completed my Design degree many years ago!), the South Coast Design Forum (SCDF) where presenting a [...]

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The importance of text

21 April 2008 | Alex Christie

One thing that can be overlooked by web designers, is text, and the quality of text. It is the text that conveys most of the detailed information to a website’s audience, and so subsequently the [...]

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A picture is worth…

9 April 2008 | Alex Christie

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you follow this concept to it’s next logical step you might also conclude that pictures are remembered better than words as well. Indeed, research [...]

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Improving website usability

17 March 2008 | Alex Christie

When it comes to web design and accessibility there is one man who stands head and shoulders above most, his name is Jakob Nielson. The name should be familiar to those who have studied usability [...]

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Project management – Top Tips

12 March 2008 | Alex Christie

Hi there, my name is Bogdan Szychowski and part of my role at Tamar is to project manage and facilitate many of our build projects.  Being a PRINCE2 and ITIL service management practitioner I have [...]