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Rock Your Browsing

19 August 2008 | Alex Christie

Being not easily impressed, I find myself feeling like a boy with a new toy this morning. Having never joined the Firefox bandwagon and remained loyal to Microsoft IE7, I find myself jumping ship and [...]

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Getting Creative

11 August 2008 | Alex Christie

To come up with new and innovative ideas can be a hard thing to do. A good place to start is to bounce ideas off your peers. Brainstorming was first recognised as far back as [...]

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Fonts and me

8 August 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Like many designers I have phases of favourite fonts. I can see through the past work I’ve done what font era I was in. These phases are not a fickle love, but many months when [...]

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How can you boost the credibility of your website?

6 August 2008 | Alex Christie

Wiktionary defines credibility as "reputation impacting one’s ability to be believed". An article I came across a while back was some guidelines that were produced by Stanford University on how to make your website more [...]

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Design Humour

1 August 2008 | Alex Christie

It’s seems that the designers of the new iPlayer have a sense of humour. If you’ve ever seen the cult classic Spinal Tap, you’ll know what I mean. The iPlayer volume now goes up to [...]

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Accessibility – Image replacement

14 July 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Up until recently we have always used Fahrner Image Replacement (FIR) technique on our sites because this is great for when stylesheets are turned off. This is important as our focus is on SEO and [...]

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How to make your website stand out from the crowd

11 July 2008 | Alex Christie

A lot of websites use stock imagery obtained from sites such as istock photo. But doing this does not guarantee that your website will remain unique, what if someone else comes across an image you [...]

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I hate PowerPoint – Part 2

26 June 2008 | Sarah Graveling

I’ve found my solution to my PowerPoint headache. Keynote! Well, not exactly a solution as being the only fulltime mac user in the office, my colleagues seem rather reluctant to drag themselves away from PowerPoint [...]

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A few simple ways to reduce webpage loading times

4 June 2008 | Alex Christie

These are a few basic tips to help speed up the time it takes for a web page to load. Particularly useful if you are designing a site for accessibility, because not everyone has access [...]

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Admitting the addiction

22 May 2008 | Alex Christie

Hi, my name is Kim and I am a "learning addict". I am working on an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction part-time while working full-time at Tamar and I often get asked how I manage it. [...]