11 June 2010

World Cup kick-off – time for FIFA to reach out online

When the controversial new ball is kicked for the first time competitively at the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg today, the biggest sporting event in the world will be underway. Online and offline, millions of fans will be tuning in to watch or listen to hosts South Africa take on Mexico.  The World Cup captures the imagination like no other …

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10 June 2010

Google caffeine – why the fuss?

First off unless you are really into your SEO its unlikely that you will have heard too much if anything about Caffeine. But Caffeine is a behind the scenes bit of engineering by Google that will impact heavily in what we see in our search results, right now yes but more importantly much more in the future. So first up …

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24 February 2010

Google Credit Card Comparison Tool

Compare Credit Cards with Google Search on Google for credit card and you will see that Google have launched their own comparison tool, not dissimilar to the one for secured loans a few months ago. When you click through from the ad you get into a table of results, see below. Looks like it is for UK only credit cards. …

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13 January 2010

Google to pull plug on China?

Google may end operations in China After a major attack on Google gmail accounts (among those were Chinese activists) last December, Google looks like it may be about to pull out of China. While not directly accusing the Chinese Government of  the attacks Google said they were no longer prepared to censor their Chinese results as agreed in 2006. While …

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8 January 2010

The Political Search Index Part 2

Party leaders failing to fully protect their online reputations Our new political research shows that Britains party leaders are failing to protect their online repuations. Over the last two months Tamar tracked the reputation management of leading political figures to determine how successful they are at positioning themselves positively online. And the findings make interesting reading as Head of Search …

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1 January 2010

15 digital predictions for 2010

It’s that time of year when pundits start coming out of the woodwork to predict the next big thing. Here are my 15 predictions (15, because Tamar is 15 this year) for what’s going to be happening online in 2010: 1. Social media, and specifically Twitter, will continue to take over the world with the latter reaching 100 million users …

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8 December 2009

Google Real Time Search

Google Live Search Like London buses Google announcements are coming thick and fast these days following a realtively quiet development period. Obviously lots has been going on behind the scenes. At the end of last week we saw the quiet launch of personalised search and yesterday saw the loudly heralded announcement of real time search by Google.  Interesting they should …

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7 December 2009

Google Personalised Search

What personalised search means for your site On Friday Google announced that it was rolling out personlised search for all users. This is a big change as previously personalised search was only run if you were logged in. Now Google will offer slightly adjusted results based on your previous 180 days history. For exmple if you search for ‘recipes’ and …

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2 December 2009

Google limits free news access

Five clicks and you are out In what may be the first or last round of  the ‘free news wars’ Google has announced that they are updating their ‘First Click Free’ programme so that after five views of a given website each day users may be presented with a registration page in order to view more pages. Primarily aimed at …

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