19 August 2010

Part 2 of 4 – Tamar Infographic series: with Social comes Search

Our second Tamar Infographic (see the first) is, I think, another work of beauty and shows how aesthetics plays its part in communication and engagement. Here, we’ve created a precise roadmap that shows how we help clients make contact with consumers, then convince and convert them through SEO. We’ve come to understand that “natural or organic” search is seen by …

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16 August 2010

Top search rankings are just a part of successful SEO campaigns

Are we finally dismantling the incomplete myth of SEO as a simple, headlong rush for highest visibility, measured by a simple metric – ‘being top means success’. Tamar’s vision has always been focused beyond the simple rankings metric but the debate around the value of top positions on the search engines has been refreshed this year and I’ve been following …

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17 July 2010

iPhone 4.0 perfection, hardly too much to ask, is it Steve?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs understands disappointment better than most (take a look at his Stanford University Commencement speech) so I hope he won’t mind me saying that the iPhone 4.0 delivers emotional deflation with exceptional style and timing. For the avoidance of doubt (and for ‘Sosumi’ legal precision), I will say right now that you would have to prise the …

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15 July 2010

A BBC Odyssey – Me and mine on You and Yours

Yesterday I was invited to talk about some research into search attitudes we conducted with You Gov on the ever excellent ‘You and Yours’ programme on Radio 4. What was interesting was the priority that was put on a number of topics that could have been covered. Bearing in mind that Y&Y is a consumer programme there was an interest …

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9 July 2010

How the Government helps UK growing businesses

Have you been on the Business Link site recently? Me neither. But you will be as pleased as I am to know that our business tax pennies have been well spent over the past three years. Click on the link How Much ???!!! and you’re looking at a business investment of £105 million (yep, £105,000,000). Stunned silence . . . I …

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6 July 2010

Being an early adopter pays – will the early bird pay out too?

As somebody who regularly checks my Twitter account at odd times of the day (and night!), I’m always interested to see the difference in my stream at different times of the day. A night-time check-in (here in the UK) obviously reveals a twitter stream mostly filled with my US friends, though there’s always a few night-owl surprises in there too. …

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16 June 2010

Brand lessons from the history of search

There’s little point in looking back unless you can learn something so I wanted to use today’s birthday retrospective to pull out some useful, relevant and fresh understanding for brands engaging in SEO. I was only a one-year-old, in Tamar terms, when the Big Bang happened (I joined the team in 1998). That’s when Google exploded into the Internet and …

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